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Agile Manufacturing Acquires a Monster of a 3D Printer

by • April 20, 2016 • No Comments

logo (8)Equitething of Agile Manufacturing is big. The Toronto-area company holds the distinction of being the dimensionsablest 3D printing service bureau and operating the dimensionsablest swift of additive making equipment in Canada, and their capabilities include stereolithography (SLA), laser sintering (SLS), multi-jet printing (MJP), direct metal printing (DMP), color jet printing (CJP) and futilized deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printing technologies as well as CNC machining, injection molding and other making methods. In addition to being the go-to service bureau for industrial 3D printing, they in addition sell a decent range of new and utilized 3D printing devices, scanners, and software. There’s nothing tiny of the company, and there’s quite nothing tiny of their printing devices – especially now which they’ve introduced the iPro 9000 XL Stereolithography Production 3D Printer.

Even its name is big. The iPro 9000 XL, a creation of 3D Systems, is a monster printing device with a create ability of 59” x 30” x 22”. With the addition of the printing device to their inventory, Agile Manufacturing can be able-bodied to churn out extra dimensionsable parts in one piece pretty than having to print them in several bits to be assembled.


“With the increasing demand for production parts as well as quite dimensionsable prototypes, the addition of the XL to our swift of production systems can assist Agile contribute the dimensionsablest part 3D Printing solutions and shortest lead-times to our clients,” said Richard Smeenk, President of Agile Manufacturing.

monster-3d-printingAccording to Agile Manufacturing, the iPro 9000 XL is the dimensionsablest operating 3D printing device in the Americas, and – much like a Sasquatch – it’s not just big but rarely seen. The printing device acquired by Agile is one of just two in North America may already being utilized to manufacture parts for the public, and gives the company another distinction to manufacture them stand out as one of Canada’s premier 3D printing service bureaus. It is a high end printing device, too – in addition to its dimensions, it creates high-resolution, smooth parts with astounding accuracy.

Agile Manufacturing is no newcomer to the 3D printing industry – they’ve been in operation for twelve years, and Smeenk has been working in the additive making field going all the way back to 1996. A few additional fun numbers for you: Agile Manufacturing has 18 3D printing devices in operation, with the ability for 150,000 hours and 4.2 billion cubic inches of printing every year. Their customer base spans six continents, yet the majority of those customers are in Canada and the United States. Agile Manufacturing may already owns iPro 8000 and iPro 9000 printing devices; now, with the whopping 330-pound 9000 XL introduced to their arsenal, there should be quite little they can’t print – in the industrial sector, at very least. I don’t believe Agile has any plans to 3D print human organs anytime soon, but and so again, who knows? Discuss in the Largest 3D Printer forum over at 3DPB.com.