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After-School STEM Enrichment Company Zaniac to Open First Kentucky Franchise

by • July 23, 2016 • No Comments

zaniaclogoIn order to ensure the longevity and continuing emergence of 3D printing innovation, it’s significant that our brightest young minds have access to high high end educational tools pertaining to it. Across the United States and the world, a number of institutions and enterprises have used STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education as a vehicle for the teaching of 3D printing. From the say of Colorado to the African country of Senegal, STEM education and 3D printing innovation have proven to be an adorable and new match. Even 3D printing companies like Robo3D and MakerBot have undertaken educational initiatives of their own, helping to solidify the emerging innovation as a viable tool for the foreseeable next.

One of the top STEM franchises in the US, Zaniac, has opened campuses across the country, integrating enjoyable and educational content into their one-of-a-kind after-school programs. The institution was discovereded in 2011 by Paul Zane Pilzer, a renowned economist and New York Times bestselling author. Zaniac already has campuses in different types of cities across Utah, Connecticut, Texas, North Carolina, California, Massachusetts, New York, and Florida. Now, the STEM franchise has revealed that they can be constructing their initially campus in the say of Kentucky, to be opened in September in Louisville.

zaniac_3dThe Zaniac STEM curriculum comes with a number of hands-on learning programs for students, that include Robotics: LEGO, Game-Based Learning: Minecraft, 3D Printing, App Creation, Computer Programming, and 3D Game Design. By combining acquainted toys and games with tech-driven math and science lessons, Zaniac is adequately preparing these students for the next. The program can walk participating students through the entire 3D printing process, of 3D modeling to the final print. The national STEM franchise is known for createing their curriculum to feel extra
like a recreational activity than a classroom assignment, storeing their students smiling while they cultivate their skills.

“Our country’s current educational climate is not fluid adequate to store up with society’s technological advancements and the synonymous career advancements,” said Sidharth Oberoi, Zaniac President and Chief Academic Officer. “Parents are seeking supplemental learning opportunities for their children that encourage them to use significant considering skills and create their own projects in order to visualize and truly know STEM concepts. Zaniac campuses harness creativity producing it a fun, engaging process for educational enrichment.”

gbl_fall_2015The campus can be opened by local entrepreneurs Dhaval and Kinjal Patel, a couple that has kids of their own. The Patels’ new Zaniac franchise can be the initially in the say, and can be used to provide supplemental STEM-driven learning opportunities for young local students. The campus can service both the Louisville metro area and southern Indiana, and can be located at 1257 S. Hurstbourne Parkway.

“While in school, I discovered many of my education was redundant memorization. I frequently attained high exam scores, but that method of learning did not engage me,” said Dhaval. “That very own experience is precisely why I’m delivering Zaniac to Louisville. Zaniac takes what kids find informative and turns it into an attractive learning experience that in addition prepares them for 21st century careers.”

This is not the Patels’ initially time running a franchise; the couple runs multiple Subway restaurants in the Louisville area. And, although this may be the initially Zaniac campus to open in Kentucky, the Patels are looking to open extra
campuses throughout the say in the near next. All in all, Zaniac is well on their way to meeting their goal for 2017, that is to have at very least 50 campuses operating across the United States. Thoughts on this franchise? Let’s discuss additional in the Zaniac 3D Printing Programs forum over at 3DPB.com.