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Additive Industries Announces Adoption of 3DSIM Software Tools for MetalFAB1

by • April 4, 2016 • No Comments

logoAdditiveIndustriesMetal 3D printing is the next of manufacturing/the 3D printing industry/life as we understand it. By now, it comes as no surprise to hear of the explosion of metal additive manufacturing, but it’s yet informative to see how various corporations are implementing it and adapting to its rise inside the industry. It is safe to say that any company that wants to be a primary player in the next of the additive manufacturing industry needs to adopt metal innovation to a few degree, and many are doing so in a few way, whether it’s the addition of new metal materials to one’s production capabilities or the development of a whole new line of printing equipment.

So there are the corporations that have taken the metal additive manufacturing trend and, well, owned it. That’s the most way I can ponder of to describe what companies like Additive Industries have done as metal has taken over. Far of only developing a few metal 3D printing equipment, the Netherlands-based company made “the initially integrated industrial 3D metal printing system” in the monstrous MetalFAB1. Officially revealed in November, the MetalFAB1 is like a factory in a box. Whilst the giant printing device is yet already being beta tested by selected customers, the company is preparing for series production, and in the meantime they’re keeping us interested with a steady flow of news of the system’s development.

MetalFAB1, 3D metaalprinting device van Additive Industries

Additive Industries’ latest announcement involves the Additive World Platform, the comprehensive software platform the company has created to assist the MetalFAB1. At the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Conference, already bringing place in St. Louis, the company revealed that they have signed a machine manufacturer partnership agreement with 3DSIM, manufacturer of software for metal additive manufacturing production and research. Additive Industries can integrate 3DSIM’s exaSIM and FLEX tools into Additive World, manufacturing them the initially company to adopt the software tools, that are yet in beta.

“We believe 3DSIM’s physics-based software tools can revolutionize the way next products are created, generated and qualified,” said Brent Stucker, CEO of 3DSIM. “By seamlessly allowing our customers to manage parts and creates in the Additive World platform, simulate production in 3DSIM’s software and finally making that create on a MetalFAB1 machine, we are creating the tools needed for a truly integrated and predictable metal additive manufacturing system.”

copy-cropped-cropped-3dsim_logo_small3DSIM’s FLEX tool is a cloud-based simulation program that allows for users to virtually experiment with and optimize parts preceding in fact printing them, eliminating the time and money wasted on physical trial-and-error experimentation for part qualification. ExaSIM is created to decrease the assist material needed in any print job by analyzing and predicting residual stress and strain data, saving manufacturers extra
thousands of dollars in unnecessary assist material.

“The 3DSIM software can allow us to speed up the development of our MetalFAB1 system and assist our customers to increase productivity, speed up system qualification and reduce the cost of printed parts,” said Mark Vaes, Technology Manager of Additive Industries.

3DSIM is yet looking for extra
beta customers for FLEX and exaSIM. If you are a manufacturer interested in learning additional, you can download brochures and contact the company here. What are your thoughts on the new partnership? Discuss in the 3DSIM Beta 3D Software Testing forum over at 3DPB.com.