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Additive Industries Adds New Customers for Its MetalFAB1 Production System

by • March 22, 2016 • No Comments


The MetalFAB1 is all but an entire automated additive factory in one unit

At the fourth version of its Additive World Conference in Eindhoven, that is begining at present, March 23rd, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Additive Industries revealed two new beta customers for its high end MetalFAB1 metal 3D printing production system.

These two really various new beta partners, the Dutch KaaK Group and United Grinding Corp, can now join to Airbus’ APWorks, that was the initially company in the world to gain the MetalFAB1 and enter the beta customer program. The MetalFAB1 is a powder bed metal (SLM-based) 3D printing device with significantly increased automation capabilities, for up to 10X system repeatability.

Kaak Group, a major food tech company specialised in integrated automated bakery systems, has been a partner in Additive Industries’ AddLab of 2014.

“We can use metal additive making to create parts for our dough handling equipment and foresee an significant role for 3D metal printing in our next global spare parts donate chain,” noted Kaak Group’s CEO Mr. Lodewijk van der Borg.

metalfabWhilst hailing of a really various business segment, United Grinding Group, a world-major supplier of machines for complex satisfactory machining, can in addition use the metal 3D printing device to create parts and actually products.

The company can enter into the MetalFAB1 Beta programme through their new Joint Venture with Inspire, IRPD in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

“We see metal additive making as a promising addition to our subtractive business,” said CEO Mr. Stephan Nell, who sees the company’s investment as strategic. “We have excellent assumeations of our collaboration with Additive Industries,” he introduced.

With the announcement of these two additional MetalFAB1 Beta customers, Additive Industries has closed its beta programme and has effectively sold out its MetalFAB1 systems on the market in this phase, only three months after its market commence at the end of last year.

In parallel to the execution of the MetalFAB1 Beta programme Additive Industries can begin ramping up for series production.

“We assume the initially series machines to leave our factory preceding the end of this year,” said Daan Kersten, co-founder and CEO of Additive Industries.

Since the machines are create for serial production through additive making, it appears really fitting.

MetalFAB1, 3D metaalprinting device van Additive Industries met Daan Kersten (l) & Jonas Wintermans

MetalFAB1, 3D metaalprinting device van Additive Industries met Daan Kersten (l) & Jonas Wintermans