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Add Elegance & Strength to Your 3D Printed Models with Ira3D’s New Chrome Plating

by • April 20, 2016 • No Comments

ira3d-logoSimilar to the world of 3D printing and innovations which go on to blow our minds, Ira3D is one of those dynamic companies which go on to wow us at equite turn. Just when you wonder how much additional amazing 3D printing may probably get—only when you wonder how much additional streamlined, how much additional user friendly, and how much additional chock full o’ showcases we can probably handle—they switch it up completely and contribute us an effortless way to coat our 3D prints in chrome. This is going to excite a sizeable-bodied volume of users, appearing forward not only to finishing their models with a one-of-a-kind touch, but in addition only greedily enjoying the fun exercise of coating parts and prototypes and seeing how various they appear, transformed with shining sophistication.

Short for chromium, chrome is a metal finish which hobbyists find enticing for most various items. It can be utilized to protect items, preventing models of rusting and abrasion, as well as contributeing a much various way to show off your creations aesthetically. Ira3D, a company we follow frequently, saw a additional formal require to allow for a chromium coating as the 3D printing industry has evolved. They see it enabling for a much excellenter artistic element as well as contributeing an inimitable-bodied and elegant high end which can be quite significant in the create arena.

UntitledBeing able-bodied to contribute a specialized system like this is the reward of intense research and development for all of the innovation stemming of Ira3D, headquartered in Italy. This young startup, only founded in 2014, has pretty unfolded a volume of high end 3D printing solutions in only the last two years. With a continuous investment in research, they are committed to making products which are frequently specialized, meeting the requires of niche markets.

“The harsh planning of the production cycle reduces the time, waste and cost for maximum competitiveness on domestic and foreign markets,” states the Ira3D team. “This system is delicate and harsh, but useful for companies which want to chromium-plate objects made with 3D printers.”

Having a new version for coating and finishing products allows for for much additional expanded realm in terms of marketing items whether you are engaged in making or art. Being able-bodied to coat and protect parts in chrome plating should in addition be quite desirable-bodied in sectors like the car industry. Ira3D sees their users as being able-bodied to bring their concepts and visions to fruition additional rapidly, being able-bodied to contribute improvement and durablity to creations with additional choice—and excellenter impact.

dbf48a58-e894-404d-9eb6-398c0864c8d3 (1)Today, Ira3D is a developer with a presence in 26 markets. They see this new electroplating method as a innovation which can span numerous industries. This should indeed be an amazing new version for most to try, and is only one additional excellent showcase coming of Ira3D who has quite been pumping out the solutions this year of their new Poetry X Center, contributeing an all-in-one R&D box, to an all-in-one making solution, contributeing comprehensive 3D printing tools for businesses, as well as a host of specialized new filaments—all with the ‘made in Italy’ stamp upon them, promising specialized products with high end—and always, aesthetics. To find of additional of the chrome system and this company in general, visit Ira3D. Have you been considering of working in chrome? Discuss in the Coating 3D Prints with Chrome forum over at 3DPB.com.