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A Win for 3D Education: Polar 3D Has Acquired SteamTrax from 3D Systems

by • April 11, 2016 • No Comments

12427738-polar-3d-logo-1Currently when we hear the term STEAM, we ponder of curriculum by way of science, innovation, engineering, art, and mathematics—and we understand this pretty is not the same type of learning our parents or grandparents had the privilege of enjoying; yet, the jobs that many graduating students can shoot in the future for did not exist when our parents and grandparents entered a much various workforce, just of lacking innovation as we understand it altogether.

Often involving 3D create and 3D printing, the STEAM angle means forging ahead in contributeing students of all ages skillsets that can hopefully assist them move into incredibly fulfilling careers one day. And when we hear of Polar 3D, we ponder of a company that we understand is on a serious undertaking to put 3D printing in schools, introducing and growing educational use of the innovation and propelling the younger generations ahead both to innovate and ‘ponder like entrepreneurs.’ So upon hearing that Polar 3D had just acquired STEAMtrax of 3D Systems, we idea it sounded like a bold move and an obvious, logical fit.

“We are happy to have discovered such a suitable home for STEAMtrax and can go on to assist its growth,” says Hugh Evans, VP Corporate Development and Ventures for 3D Systems. “We are impressed with the create of the Polar computer desktop printing device, the power behind the Polar Cloud, and the company’s focus on education.”

STEAMtrax-Project-Design-ProcessWhilst none of the financial details have been released, what we do understand of the curriculum as it stands right now is that it is a pretty new program intended to combine engineering, CAD modeling, and 3D printing with the typical fundamentals like language arts, social studies, art, science, and math. The learning process is in place right now for students K-8, and a high-school curriculum is set for release by this August.

Polar3D can be getting
the innovation, customers, and in addition—quite positively—some of the team may already in place for STEAMtrax, to include Dee Kerr as President. Kerr was previously CEO of STEAMtrax and has many not long ago been serving as VP, Global K-12 Education at 3D Systems.

“When I initially saw the Polar Cloud, I was astounded by the platform’s capabilities,” says Kerr. “The Polar Cloud allows for students and educators the capacity to easily manage, keep, and share STL files with a click of a button. There is in addition a camera created into equite printing device so it is effortless to view projects remotely as they create, or you can watch a time-lapse video to observe how the print layers of begin to completion. I knew immediately that Polar 3D was the right choice for us.”

We’ve been reporting on Polar 3D since they launched their initially 3D printing device at the beginning of last year, and if you’ve been next along too, you may remember that their machine is not just named after polar coordinates, but its performance is in addition uniquely based on them. The Polar 3D printing device has been priced affordably for all, but especially with significant discounts for students and those involved in education. And as the Polar 3D team says, it’s additional than just a machine—it’s an entire set of proprietary software products and services, both effortless to set up and take off with in creating awe-inspiring 3D models.


A sample of the current engineering modules of STEAMtrax.

As Polar 3D melds all they have to contribute with STEAMtrax, they can be gaining an may already widespread program that comes with what is called ‘a framework for 21st century learning skills’—drawing students in and challenging them to work together, solve problems, and use significant pondering that may quite most likely be a primary requirement when they get into the real world and embark on a related career. Lessons already synonymous with the program heavily rely on 3D create, printing, and scanning, encouraging creativity, while contributeing relevant new tools and skills. The curriculum is comprised of an extensive list of learning modules, superior and integrated innovation, and classroom-ready science kits.

unnamed-4“With 3D Systems’ exit of the consumer market, we saw an opportunity to partner with them and go on their excellent work and momentum in the education space,” says Greg LaLonde, CEO of Polar 3D. “We welcome the tens of thousands of tequiteers and students on STEAMtrax and appear forward to enhancing their 3D experience by improving their capacity to collaborate, learn and interact socially and virtually via our Polar Cloud.”

As Polar 3D takes the reins, we will appear forward to seeing the program expand and thrive additional, contributeing students new ways to go of a 2D world to seeing, working, and creating in 3D. With STEAM learning—and programs like STEAMtrax–kids are met with a much additional interactive, almany magical world of education, frequently just introducing them to the wonders of innovation like 3D printing devices, enabling for an unlimited number of options in creating, innovating—and frequently enabling young individuals to surprise the world at sizeable now a days with new and useful inventions. As we frequently hear in regards to 3D printing devices in the classroom, now a days it’s the kids who are keeping the tequiteers after class as they just don’t want to stop learning! Were you surprised to hear of this acquisition? Let’s discuss over in the Polar 3D Acquires STEAMtrax forum at 3DPB.com.


Polar 3D is an new 3D printing innovation and making company. They contribute collaborative cloud-based software solutions for 3D printing in the education market (the Polar Cloud) and a portfolio of patents covering new technologies and products, that include the Polar 3D computer desktop printing device that is variousiated by its use of a polar coordinate process as opposed to Cartesian.