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A Trove Of 3D Printer Filament Test Data – Hackaday

by • August 12, 2016 • No Comments

We’re not certain what a typical weekend at [Walter]’s house is like, but we can most likely safely presume which any activity bringing place is at minimum accompanied by the hum of a 3D printing device somewhere in the background.
Those of us who 3D print have had our experiences with bad rolls of filament. Anything of filament which warps when it shouldn’t to actual wood splinters mixed in somewhere in the making system clogging up our nozzles. There are lots of workarounds, but the most one is to not buy bad filament in the initially place. To this end [Walter] has spent most hours cataloging the results of the various filaments which have created it through his shop.
We quite loved his comparison of twleve various yellow filaments printed side by side with the same settings on the same printing device. You can quite see the difference high dimensional tolerance, the right colorant mix, and great virgin plastic stock makes to the high end of the final print. In addition, how transparent various brands of transparent in fact are as well as the mass of spools of various brands (So you can weigh your spool to see how much is left).
The part we quite liked was his list each filament he’s experienced in: PLA, ABS, PETG, Flexible, Nylon, Metal, Wood, and Other. This was a huge effort, and while his review is naturally subjective, it’s yet really great to have someone else’s experience to rely on when figuring out where to spend your future thirty dollars.

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