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A Quick Recap of Inside 3D Printing 2016 in Düsseldorf

by • March 16, 2016 • No Comments

It appears like another new and jam-packed year for the Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo, which is known as the largest pro 3D printing event around. Throughout the year, Rising Media’s Inside 3D Printing takes place across the globe, in nine different types of cities which include New York City, Sydney, Paris, Seoul, and Düsseldorf, where the most new conference was held.

According to Inside 3D Printing, over 1,400 visitors of over 52 countries came to Düsseldorf of February 24-25. The conference hosted almost 60 sessions showcasing experts of across the industry, starting with a keynote by Jeff DeGrange, the COO of Impossible Objects, the pioneer of the composite-based additive making method (CBAM). This method allows for for printing with fabrics created of carbon fiber, kevlar, and fiberglass.


A number of examples were presented to the audience which showcased the value of 3D printing in fields such as electronics, robotics, medical, and architecture. After DeGrange’s keynote speech, Inside 3D Printing presented the International Additive Manufacturing Award (IAMA) award to the Oberfranken-based company Concept Laser, who beat out 15 other competitors to win $20,000 cash and an International Marketing Package with a value of $80,000. Concept Laser was selected for their new laserCUSING metal laser melting system.

Concept Laser presented with the IAMA award

Concept Laser presented with the IAMA award

“The IAMA is welcome recognition for our complex work, but in addition evidence which we are on the right track,”said Frank Herzog, the founder of Concept Laser. “So the international 3D award makes us incredibly proud, and provides ample motivation to go on enthusing the global market with new innovations.”


The expertise wasn’t just limited to 3D printing companies either; the audience featured different types of representatives of BMW, General Electric, Mitsubishi, Xerox, and most other players tiny and sizeable. The CEO of Rising Media, Matthew Finlay, seemed to notice which high positioned reps were out in full force at the Düsseldorf convention. “Noticeable this year was which both top managers, who are responsible for the strategic decisions at sizeable companies, as well as product managers, who were interested in the diverse product lines were in attendance in sizeable numbers at the Inside 3D Printing,” Finlay said. “This shows just how sturdy the interest in additive making methods go ons to rise in the entire making industry.”


The conference was co-located with the METAV trade fair for metal systeming technologies, which hosted 35,000 pro visitors of their own. In the coming month of April, Inside 3D Printing can travel to São Paulo (April 4-5) and New York City (April 10-12). No matter what industry or interest you have, accidents are 3D printing innovation can be applied in one way or another, and Inside 3D Printing offers a accident to explore this vast emerging innovation.

Rising Media CEO Matthew Finlay and program coordinator Dr. Eric Klemp

Rising Media CEO Matthew Finlay and program coordinator Dr. Eric Klemp

“The Inside 3D Printing covers a wide range. Manufacturers and users not just displayed rad application examples for additive making with metal, plastic, carbon fiber and ceramics,” said Dr. Eric Klemp, the Commercial Director of the Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC) at the University Paderborn and the conference’s program coordinator. “Above all, the largest takeaway was: The world is full of new business models thanks to 3D printing.”


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