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A Key Keynote: Carbon’s CEO & Co-Founder to Present Opening Keynote at Inside 3D Printing NY Next Week

by • April 5, 2016 • No Comments

The M1 3D printing device

The M1 3D printing device

Whilst things we can agree on quite universally are pretty few and far between, one thing is abundantly clear to those watching the 3D printing space: the innovation behind Carbon‘s super-fast, highly detailed 3D printing method is a big deal. Released only last week commercially, Carbon’s M1 3D printing device showcases CLIP (Continuous Liquid Interface Production) innovation, initially revealed last March. Since its emergence of stealth mode last year, we’ve all wanted to understand additional, additional additional.

With the M1 now on the market, along with sactually proprietary materials, Carbon’s name is back in front of us, with the innovation to back up what we’ve been so excited to see. And it’s only been revealed that next week we can get to hear actually additional.

CEO and Co-Founder of Carbon, Dr. Joseph DeSimone, is set to donate the opening keynote at Inside 3D Printing New York — and I understand I’ll be one of those gathered that morning at the Javits Convention Center to hear each word he has to say. The conference, put on by Rising Media and may already hugely informative and with an astounding agenda and list of speakers set, has only become that much additional highly anticipated.


Dr. Joseph DeSimone

Dr. DeSimone’s keynote, “A Future Fabricated with Light,” can open the day on Monday, April 11th, at 9:00-10:00 AM. In this keynote, Dr. DeSimone can, notes Rising Media, “provide an overview of the M1 product solution and Carbon’s vision to accelerate the next of making, allowing creators to ponder beyond the limitations of convention to create the parts and products that can drive the businesses of the next.”

This keynote can be one of six such standalone presentations exploring opportunities in and challenges for 3D printing across different types of industries, applications, and sectors. Dr. DeSimone joins the ranks of previously revealed keynote speakers that include:

Magnus René, CEO, Arcam GroupJonathan Jaglom, CEO, MakerBotTerry Wohlers, Principal Consultant and President, Wohlers Associates, Inc.Pete Weijmarshausen, CEO, ShapewaysTyler Benster, General Partner, Asimov VenturesMetal keynote panel with leaders of Renishaw; FIT West Corp.; Desktop Metal; Additive Orthopaedics LLC; SLM Solutions; and Wohlers Associates, Inc.

insideAdditional speakers at Inside 3D Printing New York can be presenting on the different types of tracks that may interest actuallyt goers throughout the actuallyt. We’ve had the opportunity to find out additional of what we can assume of speakers that include Dr. Sharon Flank of InfraTrac, who can be discussing anti-counterfeiting in 3D printing in the Manufacturing track, and Rachel Gordon of IDTechEx, who can present on opportunities for metal 3D printing in the Metal track.

Further of total interest to us is the Frontier Tech Startup Showdown, sponsored by Asimov Ventures, that we’ve pretty been keeping a keen eye out for, as we follow up with previous Startup Competition winners such as the initially winner, 3D Hubs and the many new Inside 3D Printing Startup Competition winner, Metamason.

To add actually additional to eachone’s schedules (I’m yet attempting to figure out how to see it all!), the exhibit hall can showcase 60+ sponsors and exhibitors. Among these can be actuallyt silver sponsors EnvisionTEC, MakerBot, MarkAny, and Mcor Technologies.

The actuallyt in New York can be co-located with Rising Media’s RoboUniverse Conference & Expo and Virtual Reality Summit. Prices increase on-site, so register preceding to save — and remember that discount code ‘3DPRINT’ can save our readers 10% off!In Action yet shot B