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A Few Questions For: Y Soft — CEO Václav Muchna Tells Us About Complementary Tech, Integration, Vision

by • August 9, 2016 • No Comments

logo (13)We’ve been future the odyssey of Czech Republic-based Y Soft for a few time now, most not long ago covering the release of their SafeQ software platform and the global availability of the YSoft be3D eDee 3D printing device. Among the most qualities that have always created this company stand out one of the masses is its commitment to workflow and technological integration. With operations increasingly spanning the globe — that include subsidiaries in the US, Japan, Singapore, Israel, the UAE, and other countries — as well as Y Soft’s venture arm, appropriately called Y Soft Ventures, targeted in the way of beginups in Central Europe, much of the vision behind Y Soft can be traced back to one man.

Václav Muchna, Y Soft’s CEO, Co-Founder, and Chairman of the Board, has been working on software development, network administration, and storeing customers central to business ventures since his mid-teens. From partnerships with a tiny group of others, developing several projects early on his career path, Muchna ultimately co-discovereded Y Soft in 2000. The Brno-based operation has always had the vision of ‘a global organization that operates without borders’. Muchna’s vision for the company has spurred its global expansion, establishment of Y Soft Ventures, and customer-focused company growth. He is known at Y Soft for his investments in tech, individuals, and the company culture — and with a reputation like that, who mayn’t be ready to learn additional of both the man and the company?


Václav Muchna, Y Soft’s CEO, Co-Founder, and Chairman of the Board

I not long ago had the opportunity to ask A Few Questions For Muchna for this wee’s Wednesday interview, to find out additional of Y Soft — and its vision for 3D printing — right of the source.

We’ve been future Y Soft’s involvement in the 3D printing space for a few time now; can you fill us in on how Y Soft first came to be interested in participating in 3D printing solutions?

Y Soft first enabled customers to manage their 2D print fleets, assisting them control costs and increase the security of sensitive documents. Over the years, additional and additional customers have asked for assist in increasing productivity through advantageous workflows. So what does this have to do with 3D printing devices?

Well, we see that 3D printing is producing its way into businesses and academic institutions. Customers see the value in swift prototyping, and educators see how 3D printing captures the imagination of students. Whether a workplace or a campus, there is a require to control costs and usage, as well as producing certain the workflow of 3D objects is as efficient as possible. In a way, only as 2D printing devices came into our business lives, 3D printing devices are now here, and it is a effortless evolution that print management extends to 3D printing devices, too.

Where does Y Soft envision 3D printing’s place in the coming years?

One of the most significant things to consider for workflow efficiency with 3D printing devices is that, only like their 2D printing device cousins, they can be networked. When we ponder of 3D printing devices nowadays, most individuals ponder of them as stand-alone devices, but as companies begin to rely on them for prototyping or for low-volume making, they can require additional than one, and additional individuals can require to access them. It is too early to say that they can become as ubiquitous as 2D printing devices, but as 3D technology evolves, price points can minimize that can drive actually additional demand. We believe the dimensionsablest impact can not be in the consumer arena but in business for swifter, additional efficient product development.

UntitledY Soft in addition allows for for workflow integration of both 2D and 3D printing devices — what has the company’s philosophy been in the way of working with complementary technologies?

One of the reasons we bought a 3D printing device company is for the reason we knew that print management may be requireed for 3D printing devices, and when we looked around to see that printing devices we may integrate our YSoft SafeQ solution with, we discovered that 3D printing devices are effectively “closed” processs. No one has an SDK, so we decided to buy a 3D printing device company and do the integration ourselves. We do believe, yet, that other 3D printing companies can want to ultimately enter the business market for the reason customers want processs that work together.

It is possible to integrate YSoft SafeQ with other 3D printing devices, and we are open to doing so.

How did feedback of early users in the SafeQ 6 platform’s several months being vetted in an Early Access Release program impact the new full release?

Our latest design of YSoft SafeQ is a turning point for us. It is now a workflow solutions platform. As described earlier, customers want processs that work together. As a platform, we can add modules and connections to other enterprise processs. Currently, our platform contributes print management, document capture and workflow (another area that has excellent demand as customers want to digitize their content), and 3D print management. Feedback of our Early Access Release program has confirmed our platform approach. We’ve seen terrific feedback on the document capture and workflow capabilities, that has given us great way on showcases to focus on for future minor releases. On YSoft be3D eDee we work directly with schools where the process is in use and have learned a lot of how instructors integrate 3D printing into their curriculum and how they select to manufacture the printing devices directly on the market to students.

platformWhat has the reception been to the latest updates to the SafeQ platform?

Customers and partners have always liked the fact that our solution is modular. This means they don’t have to buy an entire solution and pay for parts that they don’t use. We’ve kept that tradition with the new YSoft SafeQ platform. No two companies are alike in what they require, where they are in their digital transformation or adoption of 3D printing in their business processes. With this new design, the document capture and workflow are the most assumed new showcases. On the 3D side, we contribute YSoft be3D eDee, our 3D print management and accounting process, specifically created for the education market. Interestingly, we hear of making segments that there is a require for 3D print workflow, too.

Y Soft and be3D have been tied together since November 2014. What first drew Y Soft to be3D? How has this involvement been perceived so far?

The impetus was our desire to integrate print management with 3D printing devices. We see a expanding require for this as multiple 3D printing devices come into an organization or school and get on the network. And since none of the existing 3D printing devices were open for such integration we decided to buy a 3D printing device developer.

Oddly adequate, when we begined looking at this, we met David Miklas, the discovereder of be3D in San Francisco. This was serendipitous for the reason Y Soft and be3D are both Czech companies. Being Czech companies, we shared the same cultural background, so it was a excellent fit. Our customers and partners recognize the technology we have created together and the reaction has been quite positive.

Education and office environments seem perfect for Y Soft and be3D technologies; have these always been the target markets Y Soft has focused on? Why these applications?

Initially, as a young beginup, be3D looked to play in the hobbyist market but that segment has most players, is quite competitive and is not focused on output high end. Y Soft’s focus has always been on B2B, that comes with the education market. We see the dimensionsablest value in this area. It closely aligns with our undertaking of providing intelligent enterprise office solutions that assist customers create smart businesses through advantageous processes.

Can you tell us any future plans Y Soft may have in the works?

The excellent response we’ve had to our YSoft be3D eDee in education has sparked interest of the making segment. We do contribute a dimensionsable 3D printing device version, YSoft be3D DeeRed, and there is interest for print management and accounting process integration for devices of this dimensions, too. And, since YSoft SafeQ is a workflow solutions platform, we see value in adding other, business process-oriented solutions to the platform. There is yet a lot we can do with the existing capabilities in document capture and workflow, as well.

In the print management area, we have demand for new efficient workflows, and I’m certain we will see much like demand for that on the 3D side. We talk to customers, analysts and the market in general to know what is requireed and to assume where the market is headed. Sometimes we take big bets, as we have in 3D printing, for the reason we believe in it and see its future. Overall, it is a excellent time for technology in business.

With all these developments coming out, and clear ideas for what is future to come, it appears that Y Soft is pretty a company to store on our radar — remain tuned for additional updates as we go on to learn additional of this European operation, right of the source! Discuss additional in the Y Soft 3D Printing, Expansion & CEO Interview forum over at 3DPB.com.