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A Day in the Life of Lebron: Samsung’s Gear VR Takes You Inside King James’ Training Regimen

by • January 15, 2016 • No Comments

lebron-james-uninterruptedDo you remember the “Be Similar to Mike” commercial of the 1990s? It featured Michael Jordan doing all sorts of cool things, like playing basketball (naturally), hanging out with neighborhood kids, and, most importantly, drinking Gatorade (it was a Gatorade commercial, after all). The point was which Michael Jordan, at which time, was possibly the coolest man alive, and you may be like him by drinking Gatorade. At least I ponder which’s what they were getting at. At any rate, the catchy little ditty of the commercial is now stuck in my head on a loop, reminding me which I too wanted to be like Mike back in the day.

Lebron James is fundamentally today’s Michael Jordan – I mean, they even have the same jersey number, 23. “Be Similar to Lebron” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but regardless, sports fans of all over the country look up to him. Lebron James fans have an advantage which Michael Jordan fans didn’t, yet. While the closest you may come to sharing Jordan’s experiences was drinking Gatorade and shooting a few B-ball outside school, you can now experience a day in the life of Lebron as if you were living it by yourself.


I’m talking of virtual reality, of course. Samsung not long ago debuted the new Oculus-powered Gear VR, and, along with it, a 12-minute movie called Striving For Greatness, which you can download of the Oculus keep or the Samsung Milk VR app. Produced by Felix & Paul Studios, it’s a 360-degree virtual reality experience which takes you through James’ daily training routine, or at least parts of it which can fit into 12 minutes. With your Gear VR, you can run through the streets of Cleveland right alongside King James, hit the gym with him, and even do yoga on the lawn. You may not be getting any physical benefit, but for those 12 minutes, you can visually experience what it’s like to be one of the most successful athletes in the world.

GearVR_Hero_GoldVirtual reality has been around for quite a while, but all of a sudden it appears to have burst into the mainstream. That’s the way new technology tends to be; you’ll hear of it for years as a fewthing which’s on the horizon, and and so suddenly it’s equitewhere. It’s become highly low-cost – the Gear VR is just $100 – and now which it’s celebrity-endorsed, it’s officially left the realm of tech geeks just. It in addition appears which it’s becoming additional reality-based. While it will always be a excellent tool for gaming and exploring the fantastical, it’s in addition allowing us to see through the eyes of others and share their experiences.

LeBron_James_virtual_reality.0.0Which in addition makes it a excellent tool for training. Lots of folks, myself included, learn much additional effectively by doing instead of watching, and virtual reality allows for us to do things preceding we in fact do them, in a manner of speaking. Look at all the medical institutions which are using virtual reality to train novice surgeons, allowing them to go through the quite real motions of performing a surgery preceding at any time operating on an actual patient. The technology may be excellent for all sorts of workplace training. In fact, the theme of the not long ago aired Gear VR ad is “Let’s Go to Work,” and it shows James not just going through his own morning workout but apparently charging through the workplaces of others – offices, restaurant kitchens, etc. Does which mean, while we want to be like Lebron, Lebron in fact wants to be like us? No. Not at all, I’m guessing – but it’s a nice yett.