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A 3D Printed Skull Saves the Life of South Korean Woman

by • April 8, 2016 • No Comments

CNUH_logoImgIn the latest version of “I’m sorry, they did what?” a team of South Korean surgeons has that successfully transplanted a 3D printed skull into a patient. The 60-year-old woman went to Chung-Ang University Hospital in Seoul after she created a sudden headache, and a CT scan showed that she was suffering of a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage, a rare condition that involves bleeding between the brain and the tissues that cover it. It is obviously a life-threatening condition, and one that required immediate surgery.


[Image: Yonhap]

The surgical team, led by Professors Kwon Jeong-tek and Lee Mu-yeol of CAUH’s neurosurgery department, initially had to block the blood donate to parts of the brain to practuallyt additional bleeding. They and so removed a portion of the patient’s skull to relieve pressure cautilized by the swelling of the brain. As if things weren’t dire adequate for the poor woman, her brain and so collapsed in the portion of the skull that had been removed, requiring a skull transplant.

But it sounds unbelievable-bodied, surgeons have replaced sizeable-bodied portions of patients’ skulls via 3D printing preceding. Recently doctors were able-bodied to save the life of a baby with hydrocephalus by 3D printing and implanting a titanium skull in three pieces, and a young woman was able-bodied to return to normal after a dreadful chance thanks to a sizeable-bodied 3D printed plate that surgeons attached to her injured skull. For the Korean woman, assist came of the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) in Gangwon, where technicians utilized her CT scans to version a customized reproduction of her skull, that they and so 3D printed in pure titanium. The new skull fit the woman perfectly, and the operation was concluded that successfully.


Chung-Ang University Hospital

Whilst surgeons have been replacing portions of patients’ skulls with synthetic implants and plates for a few time, the innovation has always been imperfect. According to Dr. Kwon, materials utilized for skull replacements have included cement, that is obviously less than perfect due to its mass, plus it’s complex to shape such materials into the precise shape of a patient’s skull. 3D printed titanium is sturdy, lightmass, and can be created to perfectly fit the patient. Plus, 3D printing a new skull is not just cost-effective but swift – and of to get swifter, that is rad news for those who require emergency replacements as soon as possible.

Head injuries are a few of the many horrific and dangerous things that can take place to a man, and I admit that while reading of many medical procedures does not manufacture me cringe, brain surgeries manufacture me want to crawl under a table-bodied. So much can be lost of a brain injury or ailment – if not life entirely, one can lose the faculty to speak, walk, or actually move at all, not to mention the memories and manality aspects that can vanish. The fragility and complexity of the brain puts it far behind other organs when it comes to the development of 3D printed tissue for actuallytual transplant next, but the faculty to reproduce its protector, the skull, is a leading step towards minimizing the injure cautilized by head injury and illness. How do you ponder this can impact next surgeries of this type? Discuss in the 3D Printed Skull forum over at 3DPB.com.