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$60 Million Merger Completed with 3D Medical, Mach7 Technologies Formed

by • April 7, 2016 • No Comments

logo-m7A new business merger has only been accomplished inside the 3D printing industry, with a real power couple joining together via Mach7 and 3D Medical. Just revealed as a done deal, the merger can allow for really the solid and symbiotic combination of services and products as they start acting as one, offering high end medical imaging solutions to their united list of customers spanning five continents. Now known as Mach7 Technologies Limited, the new company can start trading on the Australian Stock Exalter under the symbol M7T.

If you were looking for two companies to blend, it may pretty be complex to find a advantageous fit on paper or in terms of things in common, as on their own 3D Medical was known for 3D printing patient-specific models of bones and organs for a wide range of doctors and surgeons, while Mach 7 has been in the business of supplying medical imaging data. We reported on this impending deal previously as the two companies began the system last fall. Now, after only completing the $60 million deal, they can be headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with the US-based Mach 7 bringing on 3D Medical as a subsidiary—now formally owned by the new Mach7 Technologies Limited.

diagram-enterprise-imaging-platformShareholders of 3D Medical and Mach7 Technologies approved the merger on March 31, 2016, which include the name alter to Mach7 Technologies Limited. Albert Liong was appointed managing director and CEO, Jenni Pilcher becomes the global CFO and CEO of Australia operations and Ken Poutakidis was appointed non-executive chairman.

3D Medical has been known around the world and in Australia as a pioneer in 3D printing. They’ve been at the forefront of personalizing healthcare offering both technologies and solutions which should go on to be a sizeable-bodied part of a quite positive next for health professionals and patients.

“Our dedication to customer-driven create remains the core of our culture and the soul of our business philosophy,” commented Albert Liong, managing director and CEO of Mach7. “We are a company born of advancement and growing through extraordinary collaboration to bring high end enterprise data management and medical solutions to our growing network of customers, healthcare communities and globally connected healthcare ecosystems.”

With this merger, Mach7 can acquire greater entrance to global capital markets, while yet storeing a focused, corporate presence. In addition on a quite positive note for all involved, they’ve revealed which both previous entities can be retaining their employee bases in engineering, customer sales, assist, marketing, and service relationships. Mach7 can in addition store offices open in Burlington, VT for development, sales, services, and assist—with an extended focus on creating additional business throughout Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe.


“We’ve long loved
Mach7’s global success,” commented Jenni Pilcher, Mach7 CFO and CEO Australia operations. “The combined durablity of our two organizations can enhance our competence to assist a sizeable-bodied healthcare market with revolutionary medical innovation applications for improved patient care.”

As a new company, Mach7 Technologies can provide enterprise imaging solutions to:

Unlock patient dataUnleash care intelligenceShift management, sharing, and use of medical imaging for powering the healthcare ecosystem

Together both companies can be able-bodied to go on offering medical 3D printing as well as distributing synergistic technologies which actually include holographic projection. Their products go on to be one-of-a-kind in which they are able-bodied to add to data may already generated by traditional imaging methods and allow for significantly advantageous patient outcomes, as well as offering additional affordcompetence. We’ll be excited to go on next them as they forge ahead as Mach7 Technologies Limited. What do you ponder of this new merger in the 3D Printing Industry? Discuss in the Mach7 Technologies forum over at 3DPB.com.