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50% less lead time! Two Updates on Porcelain + 10 Maker Tips!

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If you are
not may aleager
createing for Porcelain, it can be a excellent time to begin
. Why is this?

#1: You no longer have to order your Porcelain pieces in order to contribute the product for sale in the Marketplace! Whilst we always encourage ordering your products for a high end check, this allows for you to stretch your imagination a bit and contribute a few one-of-a-kind pieces to your customers.

#2: Porcelain products now ship in 10 business days (rather than 20) for US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia customers, and 12 for rest of the world. That’s a 50% minimize which
means less waiting, faster unboxing, bringing pictures, enjoying your product, and sharing with the world!

With this fun
news, we had a chat with our Porcelain team in Long Island City to see what they’ve learned, and if they have any new tips for createing. Here’s the jist of it:

1. A 5mm wall thickness is perfect, but manufacture certain
your walls meet our minimum 3mm thickness.

2. Models MUST stand on their own in the kiln; flat bottoms and selecting the correct orientation are key to getting your version on time.

3. If you are adding a foot to the bottom of your version it should be at very least 5mm in height if you may like the rest of the bottom to be glazed.

4. Add a hollowed out core to versions thicker than 35mm.

5. Holes in your versions should always be larger than 5mm. Please store in mind which
depending on your geometry, the holes may yet fill with glaze during the firing system

6. Filleting the edges and corners of your work on the interior and exterior of your version can assist with actually glaze distribution.

7. For tiny versions, like figurines or busts, solid versions are both easyr for us to cast and cheaper for developers to manufacture. If it is less than 35mm thick, manufacture it solid.

8. Make certain
your orientation selection is correct.

9. Reference the materials page to manufacture the correct glaze selection for your version. There are in depth explanations and sample photos which
allow you to see how every glaze behaves. Sample tiles are on the market at the bottom of the page.

10. If you manufacture a 2 part version, manufacture certain
you leave 1mm clearance for the thickness of the glaze. We get versions where the top and the bottom of a jar can not fit together after glazing for the reason
the developer did not realize they require
to consider which
the glazes have an extra

Need a few inspiration to get begin
ed? Check out this Molecule Sugar Bowl of developer DRogers.

Molecule Sugar Bowl

We were fortunate adequate
to get the insider scoop of Porcelain 3D Printing Engineer Mike Demeo on what manufactures DRoger’s create work so well: ”This is a excellent example of a wire version; this works for the reason
firstly the wires are connected to a solid section which
allows for all the wires to fill during casting. Secondly the wires are easy, thick, and placed geometrically and symmetrically enabling us to be able-bodied to cut them in just a few sections manufacturing it possible for repairs and our gluing system

As is the story with 3D printing, sky is the limit! Here are a few additional designs to get you fired up (no pun intended)!


Cheese Candleholder Planter of BlessThisMess


Anatomical Heart in a Mug by mila_mits


Knowledge Seeker Bookend by Likesyrup

We appear forward to sharing additional tips and inspired products on the most
size of Porcelain as our community continues to fuel the creation of a new kind of ‘ceramic’- near and far!

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