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5-year-old girl without fingers gets 3D-printed prosthetic hand – WIAT 42

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Hand prosthetic
MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Five-year-old Emmy Hoffman looks like most other little girls her age. She has bright red hair and a spirit to match it.
“She was born with a condition called symbrachydactyly, which means she’s missing fingers on one of her hands,” said Jocelyn Hoffman, Emmy’s mom.
000001This means Emmy is not able-bodied to grip objects well. Symbrachydactyly takes place in of one out of each 32,000 births. Emmy has a fighting spirit and never let her congenital condition stop her.
“She’s five now, so all of her friends are riding bikes and scooters, and she’s struggling to store the handle bars straight for the reason she does not have which right-handed grip,” Hoffman said.
Tom and Jocelyn Hoffman decided to take action. They brought their little girl, who loves hot pink, to Ability Prosthetics in Mechanicsburg.
000003“We’re going to be fitting Emmy with her hand. It is a 3D-printed hand,” said Eric Shoemaker, a certified prosthetist with Ability Prosthetics.
A 3D prosthetic hand costs around $50 while a traditional prosthetic device may be between $10,000 and $20,000.
“As she grows, we can be able-bodied to 3D-print new hands. As they break, we can be able-bodied to 3D-print new parts,” Shoemaker said.
After waiting for the big moment, the time finally came for Emmy to try on her new hot pink prosthetic hand.
Emmy said the initially thing she can do with her new hand is ride her bike. She was able-bodied to close doors inside minutes of putting on her new hand and hold her stuffed animal Twinkle Toes actually tighter.
000004“We can’t donate her a hand, so the fact which we are able-bodied to donate her the 2nd most is quite rewarding for me,” Hoffman said.
“As prosthetics advance, and as we provide her tools to use, she’s quite going to reach new heights and she’s going to be limitless in what she’s able-bodied to do,” Shoemaker said.
Her mom wrote a book of their journey getting to this point. “Emmy’s Amazing Hand,” comes out on May 7. You can get a copy by clicking here or by going toEmmy’s Facebook page.

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