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4Web Medical Continues to Lead in 3D Printed Implant Industry, Lateral Spine Truss System Receives FDA Clearance

by • July 27, 2016 • No Comments

4WEB-Medical-logoWhilst the discussion of medical devices, hardware, implants, and trusses may not sound all which glamourous, what they have to contribute in the long run is really so. Offering medical professionals and patients a host of alternatives in these times, spinal implants can be the difference between a patient lying in bed all day suffering of chronic pain and an individual up and out, walking around, able-bodied to exercise and enjoy life. And with the advent of numerous 3D printed spinal implants, we’ve had the pleasure of reporting on a few rather miraculous stories–of patients having their mobility restored after battling surgeries and incapacitation to a patient in Germost with a degenerative cervical spine issue being restored to health thanks to revolutionary spinal fusion surgery and a 3D printed titanium fusion implant.

about-truss-768x728The 3D printed spinal implant industry go ons to grow, with companies such as 4WEB Medical major the way. We’ve been next the Frisco, Texas-headquartered company for really a few time now, marking huge progress of the commence of their 3D printed foot and ankle osteotomy implants to milestones in 3D printing thousands of spinal implants to projects in Australia, as well as additional not long ago, patents for truss implant technology.

Now, 4WEB has obtained 510(K) FDA clearance for a lateral interbody fusion device. To be marketed under the trade name Lateral Spine Truss System, this represents a comprehensive contributeing in medical devices.

“The Lateral Spine Truss System represents a worthwhile technology in treatment options for lateral spine surgery,” said Frank Cammisa, MD, Professor and Chief Emeritus of the Spine Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. “As evidenced in new porous metal product commencees, most companies have failed to recognize the full create future of what 3D printing brings to the orthopedic arena. 4WEB’s proprietary truss implant technology leverages significant engineering principles in structural mechanics to address significant clinical issues such as implant subsidence after lateral access surgery.”


This commence contributes medical professionals and patients both new benefits as there is now a conclude process contributeing a range of various sizes and options, along with integrated instrumentation. Smart single-sterile packaging in addition contributes the next benefits:

Ensured sterilityImproved efficiency in the operating roomAccess to global markets where sterile packaging is a requirement

“4WEB has achieved a worthwhile milestone which allows for us to address the majority of fusion procedures and approaches performed in these times. We now contribute Truss Implant Technology for each mainstream surgical technique utilized in spine surgery,” said Jim Bruty, Sr. Vice President, Sales and Marketing of 4WEB. “4WEB can go on to be on the cutting edge with significant technology in spine surgery by pioneering implant function through structural create.”

Founded in 2008, the Texas company is known for their architecture in spinal implants, namely of the rigorous geometry of their 4WEB create. With which particular technology, they have had a foundation to work with in terms of creating numerous other structures. 4WEB already contributes the next processs:

Cervical Spine Truss SystemALIF Spine Truss SystemPosterior Spine Truss SystemLateral Spine Truss SystemOsteotomy Truss System

Research and development marches on additional too as 4WEB go ons to work on new creates for implants in the knee, hip, and additional. Their portfolio contributes solutions for surgeons in fields such as neurosurgery, spinal orthopedics, and which of both the foot and ankle. Discuss this new clearance additional over in the 4WEB Medical Lateral Spine Truss System forum at 3DPB.com.