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4 Ways To Capture The Ultimate Road Trip

by • July 12, 2016 • No Comments

The weather’s excellent and you’ve officially started your yearly summer vacation. But instead of bumming around your neighborhood for two weeks and “taking it effortless”, you’ve rented a car and decided to drive out to the opposite coastline (whether it be the “BEST” cost or the “BEAST” coastline). You’ve never driven cross country preceding and you want to manufacture certain
you capture each part of the adventure. We’ve complied a few ways to manufacture this possible.

Since you can be driving, you can want a way to mount your GoPro(s) so you get a excellent view of those astonishing flatlands in Kansas. This 360 GoPro Mount by go360hero can be mounted anywhere to capture which
you feel.


And if you are
running the in addition
highly rated Xiaomi Yi as your action cam of choice, here’s a excellent solution to get your 360 fill by clusteruk


Maybe you are
looking to pull focus on your fancy DSLR. Wileydavis made a excellent way to pull focus with this adapter which
fits right onto your Canon 50mm lens.


There’s in addition
the possibility which
you have the ultimate aerial photography device: a drone. If you are
running a (slightly) older DJI Phantom, it’s effortless to attach one of those six GoPro’s you are
running to the bottom of a quadcopter. Einaros’ easy vibration-damping mount can let you capture sweeping aerials.


And if you have a Phantom 3, Fusion Imaging has a excellent way to store which
high-def camera of getting damaged when landing on the jagged Rocky Mountains.


Want actually additional? We’ve got additional ways to document which
cross country escapade linked below:

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