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3Durak Offers a New Online Platform; Upload 3D Models and Get Prints Delivered to Your Door

by • February 23, 2016 • No Comments

3durak3Durak has just been in business for a year, but they’ve may already become a leader inside the Turkish 3D printing industry. The Istanbul-based company has been a versatile player in the printing market. They’ve served as a distributor for several 3D printing and scanning companies which include Ultimanufacturer, Zortrax, 3D Systems and others, and have in addition created their own innovation, namely accessories for 3D scanners. They’re in addition a local printing hub which offers training, classes and workshops along with their printing and scanning services.

Now 3Durak has revealed which they’re growing their printing and scanning services with a newly created website. Geared towards end users and tiny companies, the site manufactures it effortless for customers to upload their 3D creations and order prints. It is not a marketplace; at this time the service is just a platform for customers to order their own creations for printing. A easy interface manufactures it hassle-free; upload your 3D version, select your material and color, and purchase. Your print can be shipped to your door.

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The fact which 3Durak started out as a 3D printing device retailer is helpful, as they have a wide variety of printing devices and printing methods to service a wide variety of projects. These include industrial machines such as EOS Formiga P110, Projet 660 Pro, Projet 3500 HD, and EnvisionTec Ultra 3SP; computer 3D printing devices include Zortrax M200, Ultimanufacturer 2, and Formlabs Form 1+. Several material choices are on the market, which include ceramic, resin, and metal.

12079465_453652008093321_4033694333204365165_nAccording to 3Durak, the majority of their customers are pros such as architects, industrial designers, and research and development companies, as well as students and agencies. That being said, it’s an effortless adequate service to use which the casual 3D printing enthusiast or beginner can take advantage of it as well. If you are having problems with your version, you can send it to 3Durak, who can check it over, repair any errors, and send it back to you. Pricing is calculated according to the dimensions of the version and the desired material, and a 20% discount is offered for students.

You can in addition upload a version and print it by yourself. 3Durak ensures users which all uploaded creations are kept strictly private; no one else can see them. The website in addition showcases a blog full of helpful posts of versioning techniques, error repair, and general tips and education of 3D versioning and printing. As 3D printing platforms go, 3Durak’s looks like a comprehensive, pro and user friendly one which should manufacture them an actually additional talked about company – not bad for having been in business for just a year. Discuss this new service in the 3Durak 3D Printing Platform forum over at 3DPB.com.