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3Dprintmaterials.guru: Community-Based Filament Buying & Reviewing

by • March 29, 2016 • No Comments

  • Last year, around the time when I was just getting started with 3D Printing Industry, I was in addition helping out with a few copywriting for 3Dprintmaterials.guru, a not long ago turn it intod community for the purchasing, testing, and reviewing of 3D printing filaments. Co-founded by Edgars Ermansons and Didzis Dejus, 3Dprintmaterials.guru is attempting to donate an interactive way to browse different types of filament types, and by contributeing both technical information and actual user-experience, contributes the 3D printing community a refreshing and wholea few way to shop for 3D printing materials. I’ve been corresponding with Ermansons and Dejus via email, and it is clear that the 3Dprintmaterials.guru team believes that they have the many interactive and community-based approach to purchasing 3D printing filaments around.


    “There are millions of 3D prints turn it intod annual with thousands of different types of kinds of 3D printing devices and hundreds of different types of kinds of filaments. But, until now the massive amount of information of things like optimal printing device settings, material properties and high end that these prints generate was not turn it intod use of to additional improve the 3D printing experience,” said Dejus. “3Dprintmaterials.guru is changing that for the reason we improve information high end of filaments by aggregating the user-experience information of 3D printing community and presenting it in easily understandable way.”

    Whilst other much like platforms, such as Filaments.directory and Aniwaa, contribute users technical data sheets on a number of filaments, 3Dprintmaterials.guru is co-dependent on their community of 3D printing experts and enthusiasts for valuable user-based information. The 3Dprintmaterials.guru platform showcases over 300 filament brands may already, and, thus far, over 80 community participants have applied to become filament testers. The team has turn it intod a standardized methodology for the ‘Pro Testers’, ensuring that each factor of the filament is taken into consideration. This community-based approach allows for 3Dprintmaterials.guru to contribute a wide-range of 3D print filament versions and opinions, and, by manufacturing users an integral part of the platform, users can find out precisely how a filament works on a specific printing device.

    “Our ultimate goal is to manufacture the filament browsing and choosing system less confusing and to turn it into the ideal filament marketplace for regular 3D printing device users by combining 3 significant parts in one place: developer specification, user-experience information and version to buy it,” Ermansons said.


    Whilst appearing at a particular material, users can appear beyond the mechanical properties of the filament and see precisely how that filament turned out on a specific printing device. This is what sets 3Dprintmaterials.guru apart of other 3D filament websites: the major focus on letting their 3D printing community interact with one another and expand their material database in the system. The platform does additional than just list out filaments; it in addition contributes an interactive map to browse filaments by region. So far, the 3Dprintmaterials.guru database contains of 318 different types of brands of filament of all across the world.

    3Dprintmaterials.guru's interactive map

    3Dprintmaterials.guru’s interactive map

    Anyone with access to a 3D printing device can apply to become a Pro Tester for 3Dprintmaterials.guru, that allows for users to test filaments and present their feedback on the platform for the entire community to take into consideration. There are actually different types of 3D printing filament awards for testers, encouraging the 3D printing community to share their thoughts and expertise for the expanding consumer market. At the end of the day, a technical data sheet can just tell me so much of how my chosen filament can appear post-extrusion. But, what if I may see precisely how that filament turned out on the precise same printing device version as mine? That is the engaging and community-based approach that 3Dprintmaterials.guru is already attempting to conjure up.


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