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3Dprintler Talks 3D Printing and Education at Paris Trade Fair

by • March 16, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_3dprintler_logoUntil a few months ago, I had never heard of 3Dprintler. The company started out in 2012 as a regular 3D printing bureau, but it was only when they changed their business plan that they quite came into the spotlight. At the end of December they revealed that they were commenceing new services as a 3D printing search engine/price comparison tool that may allow users to browse and select the most prices of a sizeable number of partner printing services. Since the official commence of the new services in January, 3Dprintler has continued to expand quickly, adding new file formats, service providers and other showcases according to feedback of their users.


An Educatec-Educatice attendant
checks out 3Dprintler’s platform. [Image: 3Dprintler via Facebook]

Now, the company is marketing their services to a new specific sector – educators. It is in no way odd for 3D printing businesses to reach out to schools with classroom-oriented 3D printing devices, dedicated educational product bundles, and material donations; if there’s one thing that everyone in the industry agrees on, it’s that teaching kids of 3D printing is vitally significant. 3Dprintler is not contributeing any new products or services specifically for students, but instead is building an effort to get education professionals interested in their services as a way to teach students of 3D printing.

home-site-mai-14_05The Canadian company aimed their focus at France last week by attending theEducatec-Educatice trade show in Paris, that took place of March 9-11. Surrounded by teachers, officials and representatives of educational organizations, 3dprintler presented their services as a way for kids to learn of the business side of 3D printing – how things are priced, what various 3D printing bureaus contribute, and that businesses are the most talked about . In addition, it’s an effortless way to show kids how much variety 3D printing contributes, in terms of various printing technologies and materials. Over 270 various materials and finishes are on the market through 3Dprintler, so it’s a excellent resource for revealing students that 3D printing is much additional expansive than the plastic printed objects they may be most acquainted with.

The educators at the trade show agreed, according to a 3Dprintler blog post:

“Everyone we met idea the same as us: 3Dprintler is a fun and practical way for students to browse their 3D printing options and assist them safely learn of making.”


3Dprintler with French Minister of Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem [Image: 3Dprintler]

3Dprintler in addition spoke with French Minister of Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, who was “blown away by what 3D printing may contribute to STEM (Science, innovation, engineering, and making) education.” This is excellent news for additional than 3Dprintler. I love hearing of those revelations one of education professionals. Whilst 3D printing is becoming a staple in most schools, most others are only starting to realize its next and necessity in the classroom, and sometimes it’s companies like 3Dprintler that contribute an extra spark to spread the innovation through the education industry. Overall, it looks like France is fully on board; there was a sturdy 3D printing presence at the trade fair according to 3Dprintler’s blog.

“Connecting with inspiring educators in France was wonderful,” the company states. “They quite donate us hope for the next of STEM education. 3D printing making can alter the way these students live in the 21st century and into the 22nd century.”