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3Dprintler Pays it Forward With $100,000 Startup Investment Fund

by • April 6, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_3dprintler_logo-300x71I’d be stating the obvious if I pointed out which commenceing a business is complex. You can work by yourself to exhaustion and pour your entire heart and soul into a venture, but the complex reality is which so much of getting a company off the ground depends on other folks. Customers, obviously, but in addition investors. It takes a lot of money to create a business, and the money does not begin coming in until after the business is created, so seed funding is significant for so many beginups. There’s not long ago been a rad trend towards embracing beginups as significant to the economy of the next, with an increasing number of organizations dedicated to financially boosting these fledgling companies. Using for seed capital is like applying for a job, yet – there’s a sea of applicants out there, so it’s a struggle to manufacture oneself stand out above the rest.

Canadian company 3Dprintler knows the struggle well. The rapidly growing beginup was the fortunate recipient of a sactually-figure angel investment of a private company last month – after the Canadian government ignored them completely, according to the 3Dprintler team. The influx of money has assisted them to rapidly hustle forward with several planned createments for the company, and now 3Dprintler has decided to pay it forward with an investment fund of their own.


“Now, we want to step in and assist man entrepreneurs who are struggling to get their thoughts off the ground…Since inception, 3Dprintler’s undertaking has been to innovate in the additive making industry and manufacture 3D printing additional accessible to everyone,” the team states. “We went through complex times, looking for assist and funding of the Canadian government, and we know initially hand which it is one of the toughest things to do, especially when you require to manufacture big decisions rapidly but you are forced to deal with a slow and highly inefficient bureaucratic process, packed with folks who do not actually know today’s many significant technologies.”

3Dprintler-investment-fund-logo-300x69So, the commence of a $100,000 “pre-seed” investment fund geared towards tech beginups in the earliest stages of their createment. In particular, 3Dprintler is looking for companies in the fields of 3D printing, robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality and the Internet of Things. They intend to invest between $5,000 and $25,000 in every of their chosen recipients, whom they can assist to flesh out their thoughts, create working prototypes, and grow their businesses “within the 3Dprintler ecoprocess.”

“Ideally, we are looking to find synergies with entrepreneurs who can create on top of the 3Dprintler eco-process and enhance it,” the team continues. “Examples of what we are looking for include:

Algorithms or software to fix and convert CAD files;

Artificial intelligence bots;

Augmented reality 3D-printing applications;

3D-scanning applications and app’s”

Does your business fit any of these criteria? Apply here or here – and great luck. I always love to see a great beginup succeed. What do you ponder of this thought? Let’s talk of it in the 3DPrintler Pre-Seed Funds for 3D Printing Startups forum over at 3DPB.com.