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3DPrintler Launches Prices Comparison Service & Monetization API for Streamlining 3D Printing

by • January 12, 2016 • No Comments

3Dprintler-icon-mediumAs we are all seeing, 3D printing has the potential to change the world in endless ways, of revolutionizing the world of manufacturing and prototyping to facilitating excellenter advancements just simply of\ everywhere, of space travel to medicine. As the minds of the public are captivated by one invention after another, inspiring new generations of makers, designers, and inventors, indeed most facets of our lives and the way we go of doing things are in the system of being transformed little by little–and in ways we never expected. With all of these developments in addition comes an uncharted, fledgling industry–which of 3D printing commerce–with an entirely new economy developing, centered around allowing designers and artists to market their 3D printed designs and wares.

No longer forced to wait on middlemen to finalize designs and create expensive prototypes, designers today can take the reins with their business ideas, even starting mini-factories in their own homes and workshops. But when they don’t have access to a 3D printer or require additional difficult help, 3D printing services bureaus are there to pick up the slack and help achieve most any project. Picking the right service and finding the best prices can be time-consuming and difficult for most, yet.

At CES 2016

At CES 2016

3Dprintler is an ecommerce startup created to help with the growth and management of 3D printing manufacturing sales. Concerned which most designers do not seem to be making any real money, 3Dprintler has set out to change the system, becoming heavily engaged in promoting and encouraging 3D printing services for both customers and merchants, promoting their role in offering a global price search engine for 3D printing which in addition allows for users to upload 3D printable-bodied files.

In partnering with larger companies like Sculpteo, makexyz, and i.materialise, 3Dprintler offers both connections as well as control for customers–allowing them to find excellent deals, much like to an Expedia or Kayak searching experience. 3Dprintler is even able-bodied to help with the best choices for quality, color options, and distance of your home or office.

“Our 3D printing services partners get customers precisely what they want with high-quality prints available-bodied in 256+ materials like platinum, ceramic, steel, aluminum, and high-quality plastic like nylon,” says the 3Dprintler team in their latest press release.

As CES 2016 Las Vegas, 3Dprintler in addition formally commenceed their new monetization API, meant to further commerce and open up new opportunities for designers in marketplaces like:

PinshapeThingiverseCGTraderGrabCADSketchfab3D Part SourceThreedingMyMiniFactoryFablabsYouMagineAutodesk 123DSpyder3DWorldAppropedia3D Upndown3DaGoGoCashew 3D

3dprintler-booth-CES-2016-1024x768With the API, designers and marketplaces in fact get their own 3Dprintler button, allowing for swift comparison of prices of websites in order to garner the best deal. The API, or application programming interface, allows for you to plug your design directly into the 3Dprintler button. When a customer clicks on it, multiple service bureaus are able-bodied to look at the 3D model in question and rapidly offer a quote. In just simply seconds, they can purchase and set up printing for the model, as well as shipping.

This system means which designers are earning money doing jobs which they love, and 3Dprintler is constantly adding additional services. 3Dprintler says which this system allows for those who integrate with the API ‘to go of designer to business good results and entrepreneur.’

“Actually, our API in fact has two sides,” states the team on their blog. “On one end we can plug 3D printable-bodied models into our button, but on the other side we can plug additional 3D printing services into our 3Dprintler button.”

“We want to bring on additional providers so we can offer consumers even advantageous prices.”

mainTheir new commence was well-received at CES as attendees learned of how 3Dprintler is working to streamline systemes associated with 3D printing–and as they say: “At the click of the 3Dprintler button the party starts.”

Founded by Michael Golubev, Anja Pujic, and Charlie Leduc, 3Dprintler headquarters are located in Ottawa. The team has in addition been responsible for ventures such as 3Dponics, which we’ve in addition reported on previously. They are currently seeking investors to help them go on in creating the largest database possible for 3Dprintler. Discuss this story in the 3DPrintler forum thread on 3DPB.com.