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3Dprintler Introduces a Helpful 3D Printing Chat Bot for Your Favorite Messaging Application

by • April 23, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_3dprintler_logo-300x71I’m not certain if the employees of 3Dprintler have slept at all this year. They’ve obviously been insanely occupied, as they commence new services, rake in funding, and invest in startups themselves – all inside the space of a couple months. Now they’ve revealed which they’re delivering yet another new service to 3D enthusiasts. 3Dprintler is a company which loves to do things which no one else has done preceding, and their latest advancement is no exemption. The 3Dprintler Bot is a 3D printing-specific chat bot which, according to 3Dprintler, is the initially of its kind for major messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger.

“Messaging apps have may aleager surpassed social networks in monthly active users and go on to grow exponentially,” 3Dprintler states. “Conversational Commerce is therefore the next logical branch of e-commerce development. A concierge-style service can become the major way how folks of the next interact with mobile devices. And ‘Chat Bots’ can be the next generation of ‘Smart Apps.’”

3dprintler-chat-bots-300x2773Dprintler Bot is fundamentally a pocket AI version of 3Dprintler’s search-and-compare services. Right now the bot is on the market for Slack and Telegram, and can shortly be added for Kik and SMS messaging. It is yet pending approval of Skype and Facebook Messenger. It is effortless to use – only search for “3Dprintler Bot” in your messaging app of choice and it’ll send you a friendly greeting. You can and so send the bot the 3D file you are looking to print, and it can automatically search for 3D printing services and provide you with price quotes and material versions. Choose your favourite version, automatically place your order, and the bot can in addition track your order for you.

The bot can in addition convert CAD files into any of 62 formats, and several extra
capabilities can be coming soon, such as:

The capacity to repair CAD files and manufacture them printableCloud-based file storageB2C and B2B versionsVoice command integrationIBM’s Watson integration


Knowing how swift 3Dprintler moves, I predict we will see a lot additional developments than which quite soon – and I assume their bot won’t devolve into a genocidal monster like Microsoft’s initially ill take on at a chat bot. (No, Microsoft, I can not let it go.) This looks like a useful little app which, if it catches on, may set a precedent for a lot of other tech companies to come up with mobile chat bots of their own. 3Dprintler tends to be quite astute of the way the 3D printing industry – and the tech industry in general – can go in, and what consumers want, so I’d be surprised if it does not become talked about somehow rapidly.

3Dprintler can be holding court at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2016 of May 9-11, so if you are in Brooklyn, stop by and say hello – who knows what new developments they’ll have eager by and so? What do you ponder of this new service? Discuss in the 3Dprintler 3D Printing Quote Service forum over at 3DPB.com.