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3Dprintler gets $1 million seed funding

by • April 24, 2016 • No Comments

  • 3Dprintler has attained a huge cash boost of approximately $1 million of an angel investor and has set its sights on becoming the ultimate pricing search engine in the 3D printing industry.

    The Canadian company contributes a one-of-a-kind service as the end-user can upload and customise creations, and so get the most price through a chatbot system which connects to additional than 1400 suppliers.

    3D printing Chat Bots for Messenger

    3D printing Chat Bots for Messenger

    A concierge service for the industry

    They initially launched it as a traditional platform-based price search engine a few months ago, created of the earlier 3Dponics project.

    Now they turn it into a chatbot and they’re billing it as a concierge service which only harnesses the power of innovation to find the cheapest possible price for local 3D printing services. It is a system which has may already proven effective in areas as diverse as shipping and flights to freelance home work. When it’s boiled down to the basics, it’s a bidding system with a number of bells and whistles.

    3Dprintler’s chatbot system does take the whole thing to another level, yet, and the innovation itself may prove useful for other industries. If nothing else it streamlines the whole quotation system and which may be the golden ticket for the company.

    The bot system is fully integrated with a number of messaging services, which include:

    • Slack
    • Telegram
    • Facebook Messenger (Pending approval)
    • Skype (Pending approval)
    • Kik (Coming soon)
    • SMS (Coming soon)

    The leading players are on board

    The system compares prices of a few of the biggest suppliers in the industry, which include Shapeways, iMaterialize, MakeXYZ and Sculpteo. The chatbot, not an app, as 3Dprintler is fond of saying, contributes deplete soup to nuts purchasing. That means you can order a deplete printed product or individual parts like printing filament and scanning software. It in addition incorporates information of comparison site Aniwaa.

    You can get a same-day service for a lot of products and 24-hour deliquite in most cases. Custom creations are on the market in a variety of metals, plastic, ceramics and in fact platinum or gold. That means bespoke jewellers can go in fact additional with their creations and get a swift turnaround for demanding clients.

    There have been tough times

    The company has been through the ringer to get to this point. Founders Michael Golubev, Anja Pujic and Ramadan Halili ran it of their apartment after attempting unsuccessfully to secure funding of the Canadian government’s Industrial Research Assistance Program.

    That left them fighting for their quite survival. It quite was which tight. Did they in fact turn down a 7 figures contribute back in summer last year?

    They went on a undertaking and scoured the globe for a private source of funding to store the team of 14 afloat. Now the company has the capital in place for the following 18 months of operations and in addition wants to pay it forward with a $100,000 pre-seed investment fund. This should assist other entrepreneurs get their thought off the ground and add to the 3Dprintler stable.

    Creating a chatbot ecosystem

    The company is looking to assist new ventures which are working on algorithms to fix and convert base CAD files as well as artificial intelligence bots, 3D scanning apps and augmented-reality printing systemes and products.

    When combined with the chatbot system, any one of these may mark 3dprintler out as a leading player in the service side of the 3D printing industry and beyond. That angel investor’s million, and so, may be repaid most times over if this innovation can cross over into other fields or if the company can truly stake its claim and become the initially port of call if you are looking for 3D printing.

    3Dprintler wants to do for additive printing what Kayak has done for the travel industry. If it can hit those lofty goals, and so those days running the business of their apartment can soon be a distant memory and $1 million funding can be only a drop in the chatbot ocean.

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