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3Dprintler Brings in Six Figures for “Kayak of 3D Printing”

by • March 26, 2016 • No Comments

  • The founders of 3Dponics have since evolved their business of only 3D printed hydroponic systems to include 3D versioning additional generally and a 3D printing price shopping tool called 3Dprintler. As the company has been assembling up 3Dprintler since its commence at CES this year, the search engine has only succeded in a big boost through a just of sactually-figure investment of an angel investor.


    3Dprintler is not unlike the Kayak of 3D printing, in which users can upload a file and compare prices between a variety of 3D printing services, like Sculpteo and Shapeways, one of others. Their new blog post is candid of the issues it has been facing while it has tried to get off the ground. They write, “3Dprintler has had to manufacture sacrifices everywhere to remain afloat only to go on paving the way for 3D printing industry. In the end we’ve created it to this point through grit, complex work, less sleep than we’d like, lots of ramen, and actually moving our office into one of our 3 bedroom apartment’s only to save a few dollars in our finances. Our achievements so far are thanks to our determination, but we’d love it if the Canadian government may assist facilitate business opportunities – or only get innovators in the same room to meet and explore synergies. So far this has been work we’ve had to do on our own.”


    After chastising the Canadian government for lack of assist for their venture, the company says which private investment can assist them go on working towards their dream. Funding the development of the project, the near-sactually-figure investment can allow them to hustle out new showcases, such as a 3Dprintler button. This can allow online shoppers to click the button and automatically compare prices.

    I can unquestionably empathize with the require for investments and the desire to work towards one’s passions. For their sake, I hope which this funding goes a long way towards a sustainable business version and a robust “Kayak for 3D printing”.


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