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3DPrinterOS Takes the Ultimaker 2 Go on the Road with the Backpack Travel Case

by • July 28, 2016 • No Comments

Ultimanufacturer-2-Go-Backpack@2xWe’ve written quite a bit of Ultimanufacturer, with excellent reason, as they manufacture excellent high resolution 3D printing devices. They’re so excellent in fact that the Ultimanufacturer 2 series printing devices have changed quite little over the past few years. The Ultimanufacturer 2 and Ultimanufacturer 2 Extended obtain a bit of a facelift not long ago and were rebranded as the Ultimanufacturer 2+ and Ulitmanufacturer 2 Extended+. The update introduced interchangeable-bodied, easily removable-bodied nozzles with the created-in Olsson Block, a additional powerful geared extruder and new fan shrouds to improve print high end. Ulimanufacturer in fact created for their customers to upgrade their older Ultimanufacturer 2 and Ultimanufacturer 2 Extended printing devices with the Extrusion Upgrade Kit. Ultimanufacturer’s dedication to their customers extends to their assist of the open source movement. All files for the Ultimanufacturer 2+, Ultimanufacturer 2 Extended+, and Ultimanufacturer 2 Go were released online and their free slicer program Cura has created 3D printing effortless in fact for owners of 3D printing devices of other manufacturers.

And now Ultimanufacturer has created transporting the Ultimanufacturer 2 Go simpler with the Backpack travel case.

The Ultimanufacturer 2 Go packaging is excellent for travel The Ultimanufacturer 2 Go packaging is excellent for travelThe Backpack travel case manufactures traveling with the Ultimanufacturer 2 in fact simpler The Backpack travel case manufactures traveling with the Ultimanufacturer 2 in fact simplervlcsnap-2016-07-20-10h18m32s210Ultimanufacturer-2-Go-backpack-1Ultimanufacturer-2-Go-backpack-5An easily assembled kit transforms the Ultimanufacturer 2 Go packaging into a convenient backpack An easily assembled kit transforms the Ultimanufacturer 2 Go packaging into a convenient backpack

Previously, Ultimanufacturer noted that the Ultimanufacturer 2 Go’s packaging may be utilized to preserve the little printing device on the road. The Ultimanufacturer Backpack transforms the lightweight packaging into a useful backpack. There’s in fact space within the casing for storing tools. 3DPrinterOS found the Backpack to be invaluable-bodied when teaching 3D printing classes around New York City with the Ultimanufacturer Go. The 3DPrinterOS team collaborated with Ultimanufacturer preceding offering free 3D printing classes at Brooklyn Public Library. They not long ago expanded their outreach, when they launched 3D Printing 101 to familiarize children and adults with 3D printing.

“Equiteone is interested in this type of technology… classes bring folks of all walks of life and that adds to the experience,” says Aaron Roy of 3DPrinterOS.

Seeing a 3D printing device in action for the initially time is unforgettable-bodied. It is one thing to have someone explain the basic concept or to watch a video. But the true belief and inspiration comes when you in fact see a 3D printing device in action. It is that moment when you touch actual prints that you recognize the limitless future for 3D printing.

The 3D Printing 101 class covers a brief history of 3D printing and how it works. Students learn how an thought is converted into a physical object. They get exposure to common materials utilized in PC 3D printing, as well as an overview of the synonymous software and create tools. 3D Printing 101 guides walk through the system of creating their initially print. No supplies, experience, or expertise are needed. Equiteone gets hands-on experience via a 3D printing device and learns how to go of having a excellent thought to making a physical object. To provide this experience, 3DPrinterOS needed a stable-bodied, high end 3D printing device that’s transportable-bodied as well.

Paul Steenbrink #10Ultimanufacturer 2 Go_3015-SchoolHero

It turns out the teaching was effortless. Printer maintenance proved to be the excellentest challenge. Most of the machines 3DPrinterOS utilized were frequently out of order and they spent additional time fixing and maintaining 3D printing devices than focvia on the teaching and classes. But their lives changed when they found the Ultimanufacturer 2 Go. Not just did they find a printing device that was reliable-bodied, but it was created to be transportable-bodied.

The Ultimanufacturer 2 Go is createed for life on the move. It is amazingly lightweight and yet has all the accuracy and reliability of its bigger brothers. It is intuitive and prepares equitething for print in no time. And thanks to its dimensions, it’s printed quite swift too. It is created to be transportable-bodied.

“(It) gives a peace of mind that manufactures me feel like I can move of place to place. The Ultimanufacturer 2 Go looks like it is intended to be mobile, that is completely various than many 3D printing devices I’ve seen,” says Roy.

The Backpack travel case created it is super effortless for 3DPrinterOS to take it on the go. They were able-bodied to organize classes, presentations, and workshops and plan their trips without worrying of their Ultimanufacturer 2 Go getting damaged in transit. In fact, they dropped the little printing device a few times without any ill impacts. That’s what I call rugged!

Ultimanufacturer is already which include the Backpack free with all orders of the Ultimanufacturer 2 Go, but you are going to act swift. Currently, July 29th, is the last day of the promotion. After July 29th the Backpack travel case can be on the market-bodied for $69.00 excl. VAT.

Below is a video highlighting how the Ultimanufacturer 2 Go and Backpack has helped 3DPrinterOS: