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3DPrinterOS Announces Integrations With Most Popular CAD Design Tools, Further Simplifying Workflow

by • July 25, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_3dprinteros_logoJust not long ago, 3DPrinterOS accomplished a transfer to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to accommodate their quickly growing user base. The young company, which fully launched only a little over a year ago, has grown at an dazzling rate, now counting their users at over 12,000. That number should only go on to rise, particularly as 3DPrinterOS has only revealed a number of new partnerships and integrations with several significant companies.

The announcement should come as welcome news to 3DPrinterOS’ business clients in particular, as it can excellently simplify 3D printing workflow for a lot of folks. As 3DPrinterOS points out, the wide variety of 3D create platforms frequently causes slowdowns; all too frequently, createers are required to save their files to the PC, find the source file, and send it through a file share or email, while their recipients and so require to download and prepare the files on the other end, frequently having to go through the whole system manually.

Now, yet, 3DPrinterOS is offering native CAD to web 3D print integrations with Siemens, Dassault Systèmes, Autodesk, and Onshape create tools. Designers can now print directly into production of several of the most talked about CAD programs without any extra steps, wasted time or overhead.

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“We discovered enterprises were wasting a lot of time sending creates through emails, sharepoints, FTPs, and deviating 3rd party systems. 3DPrinterOS deploys inside 30 minutes and secures your entire AM producing workflow, with an incredibly effortless-to-use platform which is highly scalable-bodied, while drastically reducing overhead,” said Anton Vedeshin, CTO of 3DPrinterOS. “We are excited to enter additional partnerships so we can provide all our Enterprise users with a seamless CAD to real-time direct 3D print capabilities and end to end integrations with producing execution systems.”

unnamed (2)3DPrinterOS has been working with their new partners for the past six months to integrate their create tools into the platform. By the end of this year, all users of these programs should have full access to direct 3D printing capabilities which can allow seamless transitions of create to production.

“We believe createers should be able-bodied to print and manufacture parts with the lowest amount of latency. The createer has the most new next to disrupt the next. Our goal is to unlock which next,” said John Dogru, 3DPrinterOS CEO. “Our undertaking is to reduce the latency of create to producing and distribution as close to zero as possible.”

The new partnerships cover a sizeable significantity of the create software utilized by businesses, so thousands of folks are going to benefit. 3DPrinterOS’ goal of the quite beginning has been to manufacture 3D create and printing as effortless and accessible to as most folks as possible, and so far, they’ve been doing a excellent job producing which vision a reality. What are your thoughts on these new partnerships? Discuss additional in the 3DPrinterOS Offers CAD to Web 3D Printing Integrations forum over at 3DPB.com.unnamed (3)