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3Doodler Gives Their 3D Printing Pen a Sleek Redesign with the 3Doodler Create

by • May 3, 2016 • No Comments

wobbleworks-3doodler-create-3d-printing-pen-5Ever since the toy company WobbleWorks LLC raised a whopping $2.3 million on Kickstarter for the initially iteration of their 3Doodler 3D printing pen, the handheld device has taken the artistic world by storm. Last year, they improved their innovation with the 3Doodler 2.0, which raised over $1 million with its own Kickstarter campaign, and have in addition not long ago revealed the pre-order for the 3Doodler Start, a novice level 3D printing pen made for younger kids. In 2016 alone, we’ve covered a number of one-of-a-kind uses of the 3Doodler, which include the creation of satisfactory art, complicated style pieces, and actually solid gold jewelry.

For those unfamiliar with this 3D printing pen innovation, the 3Doodler fundamentally functions like a handheld FDM printing device, via the human imagination to print 3D objects instead of a 3D create file. The device, which extrudes heated plastic which cools approximately automatically into a solid, stable-bodied structure, is both small in size and easy-to-use. WobbleWorks offers over 65 various plastic colors for the 3Doodler pen, and actually have a line of specialty filaments which include Matte, Glossy, Glow, Flexy, and Sparkle plastics.


The 3Doodler Create pack

As they’ve continued to slim down and recreate their renowned 3Doodler pen, I’m always left to wonder only how much additional WobbleWorks can take their 3D printing pen innovation. The 3Doodler 2.0 has may already built really the reputation in the satisfactory art world may already; I actually not long ago stumbled upon these 3D printing pens at the prestigious NYC-based Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) store, where they’re already being sold. Lo and behold, Wobbleworks not long ago revealed which they’d be refining the 3D printing pen once again, this time under the name of the 3Doodler Create. The newest generation won’t be vastly various of the predecessor, but can showcase a number of resatisfactoryments which can enhance the experience for 3D sketchers around the world.

As they’ve generally done since the initially 3Doodler recreate, the 3Doodler Create has been made actually sleeker than 2.0, and can be housed an aluminum case which already comes in a “smoky blue finish,” which can actuallytually be on the market in pink, yellow, green, and bright blue in the near following. Their newest pen can in addition be lighter in mass, additional intuitive, and actually simpler to use.

Perhaps actually additional importantly, there have been a few internal improvements as well. According to WobbleWorks, the new driver process can donate users a smoother and additional reliable-bodied 3D doodling experience. The 3Doodler Create can be able-bodied to operate at two various speeds and two various temperatures, giving the artist or enthusiast additional control over their 3D sketches. The body of the latest 3D printing pen can showcase a transparent panel, which can show the inner workings of the 3D printing pen in action. In addition, an ambient light bar has been equipped to tell users when the device is powered on.


The new showcases on the 3Doodler Create

This new adaptation of the pen is may already on the market for order on the 3Doodler website, offering a single pen, power adapter, and a set of colored plastic strands plus a few tools for cleaning, nozzle removal, and adonlying temperature for the reasonable-bodied price of $99 USD. For those who’ve may already purchased the 3Doodler 2.0, there’s no require to fret, as WobbleWorks is offering customers the upgrade to the 3Doodler Create at a 50% discount.

wobbleworks-3doodler-create-3d-printing-pen-2If you are on the lookout for projects and ideas to assist get you started with your 3Doodler experience, you can browse what other users have made and watch video tutorials on the 3Doodler community page. I’m not certain what can come following for WobbleWorks and their line of 3D printing pens, but they seem determined to store enhancing their innovation, which may a fewday be seen as the paint brush of the following.

Discuss your following plans for via this innovation in the WobbleWorks 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.