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3Doodler Features David Cunningham’s Solid Gold Jewelry and Other Doodler-Casted Pieces

by • February 21, 2016 • No Comments


I have said it here preceding, I ponder, and if I haven’t and so I am saying it now: the world’s firstly 3D printing pen, the 3Doodler, is an awe-inspiring device that continues to impress me just in the category of artistic versatility alone. Just appear at the new winners revealed in the 3Doodler Awards 2015, that best understandn eight different types of categories which include education, interior turn it into, mixed media, and my quite own favourite, style, which include jewelry. Speaking of 3Doodled jewelry, now 3Doodler manufactures news again by presenting the world’s firstly solid gold 3Doodles by David Cunningham. These gold pieces, and his other designs, speak to the way artistic creativity is inspired by this oh-so-versatile 3D printing pen.

jew4New York-based jewelry turn it intoer David Cunningham of DGC Jewelers is one of the firstly to 3Doodle casts and and so turn them into satisfactory jewelry — which include 14K solid gold pieces. This 3Doodled casting was a bit of an experiment for all involved, as 3Doodler reports that Cunningham had inquired whether they idea casting with a pen may work. (A friend sent him a 3Doodled heart and wanted it cast in gold, prompting the question.) And guess what? The people at 3Doodler weren’t certain until they saw the results of his experimentation: a 14K gold heart. Naturally, this led him to pursue additional jewelry casting projects, and now we can see the results of this new method: 3Doodle-cast satisfactory jewelry!

Other 3Doodlers dabbling in jewelry building and casting can be curious to hear how this first system began, via his onyx pendant (see left)P as an example:

“There was a relatively short learning curve in learning how to control the pen, finding a surface the piece may stick to, and belief what it is capable-bodied of; but the challenge wasn’t in how we were going to manufacture it, but pretty what we were going to turn it into with it. For me the onyx pendant was a kind of work in progress. I utilized the triangle tip and printed approximately like I was decorating a cake with frosting. This gave me a shape that I quite liked, but I didn’t understand what to do with. I printed the swirl wire around it and cast it, but it wasn’t until I was appearing at the cast piece that I decided to antique the pattern, and set an onyx bead at the bottom that accomplished the appear.”


When it comes to the onyx pendant, Cunningham reports that they were quite surprised how different types of the pieces appeared compared to those printed in different types of colored plastic.

jew6To 3Doodler’s question as to whether the “melting plastic medium” facilitated any new forms unimaginable-bodied otherwise, Cunningham explained that this, in fact, was one of their turn it into goals with the pen. They wanted to find forms otherwise not easy to turn it into via other traditional methods. The end results were forms organic to the pen itself, as Cunningham defined here:

“The organic appear and variation of thick and thin, and actually a few of the little mistakes, add to the interest and appeal of what we manufacture with the 3Doodler. On the two-tone pin we utilized the triangle tip, and while extruding it we were able-bodied to twist it preceding it hardened, giving us a rad twisting appear; while this is a fewthing we may have done with triangular wire, it was yet a fewthing fun to do with the Doodler.”

For both 3Doodlers and 3D printed jewelry turn it intoers who have yet to experiment themselves with a 3Doodler, DGC Jewellers has opened a turn it into door here that manufactures jewelry turn it into additional accessible overall.