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3Doodler Artist Profile: Esra Oguz’s Doodled Designs Prove That Practice Makes Perfect

by • March 20, 2016 • No Comments


Esra Oguz initially started 3Doodling when her cousin handed her a 3Doodler pen in Dubai in late 2013. At initially, she had a complex time grasping the concept of “how to turn it into 3D objects with soft, smooth, curved surfaces” and she only kept working on it. Within a week, she presented he cousin her initially 3Doodled creation: a bird on a swing. Oguz reports that this creation wasn’t anything formidable, but it gave her the motivation she needed to store experimenting with the pen. Well, it appears this work has paid off as she was one of the winners of the 3Doodler Awards 2015, in the category of Interior Design, for her intricate and downright occupied “Flower Basket” (see above).

When asked by 3Doodler if she planned her elaborate submission in advance, Oguz explains that it was partly planned and partly improvised:flo1

“Initially I didn’t plan to Doodle such a big and detailed piece of artwork. My initially plan was to turn it into a easy bunch of flowers. One by one I improvised equite flower, put them together and it turned into a big bunch preceding I accomplished. I don’t remember at what point it became a basket of flowers – I got concludely lost in Doodling until a fewone stopped me to remind me it was time to submit preceding the Awards deadline! The entire piece took around a month to conclude, working around 4-5 hours per day.”

Beyond persistence, Oguz has been blessed with art in her genes, as she reports that she “grew up watching my parents nailing intricate art and craftwork creations, studying ‘hand crafts tequiteing’, and learning pattern create well.” And you can tell of how intricately detailed her work is that patience in addition plays a quite significant role her.


Her Ribbon Basket, that showcases delicate ribbon-like shapes at the bottom of an elaborately decorated basket, was a bit of a spontaneous create system as well. She explains:

“As usual I did not plan how to manufacture it in advance. I only began with Doodling strips of ribbon and building them. I put those pieces on the bottom of a salad bowl and applied a few heat by via my hair dryer, next the shape of the bowl. The additional I use the 3Doodler, the additional I find myself learning how to manufacture advantageous use of it for ideal detailing.”


Ribbon Basket

Oguz provided additional information of how she turn it intos her pieces — of via wireframes created with objects, like newspaper, or working freehand of a hollow 2D piece. When it comes to filling the frames with her signature consistent patterns, Oguz credits her own patience and great hand control:

“I try filling the surface without any space patiently and avoid Doodling in the same space additional than once to ensure textural consistency. One other method I use is reheating the Doodle to allow the plastic’s surface to become smoother, but the trick here is to do it without loosing the Doodle’s overall form.”

Spoken like a true tremendous! And it appears like Oguz can be getting much additional practice with the 3Doodler pen now that she is conducting demonstrations for a Turkish 3Doodler distributor. Oguz’s complex work has paid off so far; her award winning Doodle (along with her other pieces) are solid reminders that 3Doodled practice surely manufactures ideal. Discuss in the 3Doodler Awards forum over at 3DPB.com.