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3Doodler Artist Profile: Erica Gray’s Futuristic ‘Forms Organic’

by • March 16, 2016 • No Comments

gray6If you are like me and have a fascination with all things 3Doodler and 3D printed fashion in equal measures, and so you may have may aleager caught the awe-inspiring 3Doodled fashion of Erica Gray. Gray, who hails of Australia, “works in mediums which include painting, stitched textiles, wearable art and soft sculpture,” according to her self-description on her website. You may understand her of her 3Doodled fashion contributions, which won the 3Doodler 2015 Award of the Year for Fashion. Now, Gray is getting additional air time of 3Doodler as she is the featured artist in the 3Doodler Awards Spotlight series, which seeks to reveal additional in-depth information of 2015’s winning Doodlers.

Forms Organic is the title of Gray’s latest fashion creation: it showcases organic figures and animalistic imagery, as well as additional “rigid skeletal sections,” which are common themes which run throughout her wearable work. This project took a few weeks to deplete, and here Gray describes in additional more detail the steps she took to turn it into it:

gray4“I usually pre-prefer the elements I want utilised inside the piece, such as the polymer teeth, claws and nylon tail ….which I in addition sculpt of scratch. The main bulk of the piece is and so 3Doodled around, through, or inside those elements. I utilized roughly sketched stencils for a few of the joins, and once those parts were eager I just assembled the form, assembling up layers of filament over prefer areas to exaggerate and create the skeletal ridges.”

Whilst Gray positions herself squarely in the middle of organic/animalistic traditions of create, it is just about not easy to ignore the ways which the technological aesthetic is in addition alive and well in her work. Her wearable art, which uses “the 3Doodler and ABS plastic in combination with other materials to turn it into a masked headpiece and torso section,” looks like fashion of the next which has been sent back in time to be with us in the here and now: 2016. But and so again, 3D printing innovation is may aleager so forward-looking; her combination of organic and inorganic elements leaves us with otherworldly mystery intersected with acquainted and additional acquainted organic forms.

gray8When asked by 3Doodler if she plans to create wearable accessories, which are in addition becoming big in the world of 3D printed fashion, Gray answered which she usually integrates what may individually be understandn as “accessories” into her whole pieces. But, she has not ruled out “individually stylised, fluid plastic pieces for arms, legs, shoes, collars…”

Gray’s own planned artistic evolution in addition comes with utilizing machine-based 3D printing in the next, as opposed to just staying with the freehand production which the 3Doodler affords. Gray comments:

“I’m interested in incorporating a mixture of freehand and machine printed pieces into a few of my next works. On the other hand freehand printing is predominantly additional my fashion (as my work is additional of the handmade, bespoke), one of a kind aesthetic.…the juxtaposition of structured componentry and the loose freehand form combination sounds interesting and unquestionably worth additional investigation.”

gray2As part of Gray’s 3Doodler Award, she has obtained all of the plastic colors 3Doodler offers, and she claims which they are in addition revealing up in her many new sculpture work which has not been released to the public yet.

There’s much additional to see of Gray’s wearable 3Doodled art on her website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, so check out additional of her organic/futuristic/animalistic fashion designs — and store an eye on the 3Doodler site for updates of her latest freehand 3Doodled fashion. Isn’t this work amazing? Discuss additional in the Erica Gray 3Doodler Art forum over at 3DPB.com.