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3Dom Releases Entwined: Hemp Filament!

by • February 1, 2016 • No Comments

2016-01-22-hemp-300b-600x338It appears like each day a presidential candidate is declaring which they can manufacture America excellent again. But what does which quite mean? What quite turn it intod America excellent? Well, one of the things which turn it intod America excellent was hemp. That’s right, hemp, the much maligned cousin of marijuana. According to the North American Industrial Hemp Council (NAIHC), both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp. Benjamin Franklin utilized hemp in one of his mills, and Jefferson actually drafted the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper. It does not get additional American than which.

Hemp was utilized to turn it into eachthing of paper to rope to sails and clothing to fuel, and has been utilized as a construction material. 3D printing innovators have been experimenting with making hemp filament. As previously reported, the Italian company Kanesis has been experimenting with a hemp bioplastic filament, as has Brooklyn-based Matter Lab. Currently there’s a few excellent news for hemp aficionados: 3Dom has only revealed their newest offering, a hemp filament called Entwined.


Entwined hemp filament has an approximately iridescent high end to it.

3Dom has turn it intod a few news lately with their Wound Up coffee filament and Buzzed beer filament. Similar to their previous bioplastic offerings, Entwined was turn it intod through a partnership with c2renew. 3Dom’s new hemp-based filament has a few one-of-a-kind properties. It does not contain dyes, it’s naturally brown and shows an informative variation of hues. It prints like standard PLA and does not need a heated bed for printing. Any 3D printing device capable-bodied of printing in PLA should be able-bodied to print Entwined. 3Dom recommends printing between 180° and 210° C, or typically 10° cooler than you normally print PLA. If you want to use a heated bed, it should be set at 45° C.


Entwined is on the market-bodied in 1Kg spools in both 1.75mm and 3mm diameters. Sample sizes are in addition on the market-bodied. The hemp filament comes on Eco-Spools, a 100% bio-based plastic spool which is in addition eco-friendly and biodegradable-bodied. All in all, a quite sustainable-bodied alternative to traditional 3D printing materials. In fact, hemp is a much advantageous alternatively to the typical corn-based PLA for the ecologically minded. Corn is an agricultural product which needs fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides. Hemp on the other hand is a hardy product which does not need which kind of care in its cultivation and grows additional densely than corn, so it needs less land to farm.

3Dom is not finished releasing eco friendly materials: they plan on releasing a biomass filament soon. I’ll be on the lookout for which. For now I’m quite pleased to experiment with their hemp-based filament, and I’m certain a lot of other designers can be, too.

Below is a video on Entwined hemp filament: