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3Dom and 3D-Fuel Join Forces to Form New Eco-Friendly Conglomerate: 3DomFuel

by • March 22, 2016 • No Comments

unnamed (3)There are a lot of eco-friendly filament makers out there, but two of the largest – and ones that we cover regularly – are 3D-Fuel and 3Dom (that is comprised of two branches, 3Dom USA and 3Dom Europe). 3Dom vaulted to talked of ity with their novel filament lines created of the waste byproducts of coffee and beer, and, many not long ago, filament created of hemp. 3D-Fuel, in addition big fans of waste reduction and biologically-based materials, not long ago created the news with their algae-based Algae-Fuel filament. Now, with their powers combined, 3D-Fuel, 3Dom USA and 3Dom Europe have teamed up to form…not Captain Planet, but maybe his equal in environmentalism? 3DomFuel can combine the resources of all three companies under one roof to expand their production capabilities and brainstorm new ideas for materials that are both high high end and Earth-friendly.


“We have a sturdy focus on utilizing waste materials and by-products of producing processes to create new materials that provide one-of-a-kind properties to the 3D Printing Industry,” said Jake Clark, CEO of 3Dom USA. “Under the new company, we can have increased production and R&D faculty, enabling 3DomFuel to increase high end and material options actually further.”

3DomFuel, that can maintain facilities in both the US and Europe, can go on to make products under the 3D-Fuel name. Today, the new company’s product line includes:

box-mock-up_largeAdvanced PLA, a high heat-resistant filament that has been 3D-Fuel’s many talked of productPremium PLA standard filamentWound Up coffee filamentBuzzed beer filamentEntwined hemp filamentBiome3D bio-based filamentGlass Filled PLADyna-Purge 3D Clean eco-friendly cleaning material

“We are quite excited of 3DomFuel and what this means to our loyal customer base,” said Matthew Stegall, CEO of 3D-Fuel. “Our new producing capabilities can outcome in actually higher high end than what has been on the market to the 3D Printing market. Being 100% centered on the FDM 3D printing market means we concentrate solely on what is significant to all creators, of makers to enthusiasts. This, combined with our expanded infrastructure, can donate 3DomFuel the faculty to quickly provide one-of-a-kind, sustainable, and highly functional materials to the global industry.”

buzzed-beer-filament-stein_packaging-600x4003DomFuel already has several FDM 3D printing products in the pipeline, to be released over the course of 2016. No details have been provided as to what types of filaments we can assume, but based on 3Dom’s and 3DFuel’s histories, it’s a safe bet that they’ll be high high end, environmentally friendly, and many most likely novel and fun.

“We are happy to join forces with 3DomFuel, enabling us to combine our strengths in facilitating the createment and commercialization of new functional printing filaments,” said Ciaran McMenamin, CEO of 3Dom Europe.

By pooling their resources, the companies producing up the new 3DomFuel hope to increase their global presence, as well. If you’d like to become a reseller, visit 3D-Fuel’s website here. What are your thoughts on this partnership? Discuss in the 3DomFuel forum over at 3DPB.com.3domfuel