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3Discovered Takes on GPI as the Latest Member of Their 3D Printing Service Bureau Network

by • February 2, 2016 • No Comments

3Discovered sigEvery industry, or actually each individual, can tell you a thing various of why they love 3D printing. For most industries, yet, effortless customization is at the top of the list. The medical industry is via it to turn it into patient-specific treatments that were never possible preceding, and the car industry is finding it effortless to replace antiquated parts that haven’t been in production for years. Chicago-based startup 3Discovered was founded for the purpose of facilitating the production, buying and selling of bespoke or hard-to-find industrial parts and products by connecting clients with 3D printing service bureaus, and the most partnerships they’ve created in their three years of existence show that what they’re doing is working.

GPIPrototypeLogo3Discovered’s latest partnership has been created with GPI Prototype and Manufacturing Services, Inc., an Illinois service bureau specializing in metal 3D printing. GPI was one of the initially metal additive making service providers in the country, having begun contributeing direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) services back in 2008. As metal 3D printing has just begun to quite pick up steam not long ago, GPI was way ahead of their time with their adoption of the innovation eight years ago. Companies as sizeable-bodied and prolific as 3D Systems have turned to them to expand their own metal additive making capabilities in new months, so they should be a valuable-bodied asset to 3Discovered.

metal“GPI is a excellent addition to our network of service bureaus and we are excited to be able-bodied to contribute their sophisticated metal 3d printing capabilities on our distributed making and sourcing platform,” said Peer Munck, CEO of 3Discovered. “This is going to be great for our clients, and great for the industry as a whole.”

GPI is a tiny company of 25 employees, but their production capabilities are high, with ten DMLS (also known as DMLM, or direct metal laser melting) printing equipment in operation. Their printing equipment are capable-bodied of printing with aluminum, tool steel, cobalt chrome, titanium, and three various types of stainless steel – a versatility that can assist customers well, as these metals are “ideally suited for fabricating parts with hard geometries that are not easy to create with traditional machining.”

“We are enthusiastic of joining 3Discovered’s network of 3D printing fabricators with our production experience,” said Adam Galloway, President of GPI. “We believe their platform excellently simplifies the system for 3D printed parts, that have may already been validated for production requirements. This platform can assist the growth of additive making across all industries.”

Discuss your yetts on this new partnership in the 3Discovered & GPI 3D Metal Printing Partnership forum over at 3DPB.com.