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3Diligent Refines Its Services with New 3Diligent Select Feature

by • March 9, 2016 • No Comments

3diligent at the center squareIndustrial 3D printing service 3Diligent describes itself as “the 3D printing partner for each business,” and compares itself to companies like Uber and Amazon in that it uses a wide Internet network to connect customers to vendors. Since its commence, 3Diligent has rapidly acquired a sizeable base of customers attracted to its reliable and new bidding structure. Now, the California-based company has expanded its services with the commence of 3Diligent Select, a new showcase that makes the process of selecting vendors in fact additional quite own and direct than preceding.

“We are excited to publicly announce the release of our 3Diligent Select showcase,” said 3Diligent CEO Cullen Hilkene. “For customers coming up the curve on our service or who have criteria that require to be met beyond the capacity to create a part on time and to spec, this showcase can provide a big benefit.”

metal parts small resHow the site has always worked is that a customer can submit a Request for Quote (RFQ) on their desired part or service. Interested vendors can contribute their bids, at that point the customer can select the contribute that most meets their requires. Until now, those RFQs were released to a list of eligible vendors selected via an automated algorithm based on the material, process, and finish requirements provided by the customer. 3Diligent Select refines that process and allows for the customers to have additional control over the vendors who see their RFQs.

“We discovered that while most customers appreciated getting their RFQ rapidly into the hands of capable engineers for competitive bidding, others in fact wanted fewer vendors. For instance, just vendors with particular certifications or domestic production,” said Hilkene. “Some in addition liked the thought of complementing our strict confidentiality provision by limiting the number of vendors who may at any time see a design.”

Customers can yet use the traditional automated selection process if they wish, but to take advantage of 3Diligent Select, all they have to do is check a box and their RFQ can be routed into a special queue, at that point 3Diligent representatives can quite ownly consult with the customer and additional refine the vendor criteria based on that customer’s input.

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This should greatly appeal to customers who select dealing with folks pretty than machines, and can allow for much quicker turnaround. Whilst the rapid expansion of 3D printing technologies across so most industries is undoubtedly a great thing, it can in addition get overwhelming for customers looking for a thing quite specific. Whilst 3Diligent is specifically geared towards the provision of industrial 3D printed parts, their services yet encompass a dizzying array of options that include additional than 10 various additive making processes and a multitude of materials.

full range small“In the past few years, there has been an explosion of new technologies and materials in the Additive Manufacturing market, with additional to come. The trouble is that no brick and mortar business can probably carry all of the 3D Printing options on the market,” Hilkene said. “When customers inevitably bump up against the limitations of their in-house capcapacity or a neighborhood 3D Printing provider, finding another vendor with the right material, process, and availcapacity to assist a customer can be not easy to find – especially for a swift turnaround.”

3Diligent Select is already being contributeed free of charge – for a limited time – to existing 3Diligent customers. According to Hilkene, customers can assume a lot additional to come of the company this year.

“3D Select represents the initially in sat any timeal product enhancements we assume to release in 2016,” he said. “We are excited to announce 3D Select as part of our dedication to assisting customers seeking swift and low-priced industrial 3D Printing and service providers seeking to get additional out of their industrial 3D Printing investments.”

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