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3Digify: New Kickstarter Allows You to Build Your Own 3D Scanner for a Reasonable Price (Or for Free!)

by • March 15, 2016 • No Comments

cebit3D scanners are expensive. Even the cheapest can run you at very least a few hundred dollars, and the extra
sophisticated, high-quality scanners can easily cost well over $10,000. Considering that 3D scanning innovation suddenly seems to be everywhere, these high costs are undoubtedly demoralizing to the average manufacturer. We rave of 3D scanners a lot here at 3DPrint.com, for that I won’t apologize, for the reason 3D scanners are rad. You can do awe-inspiring things with them, of replicating ancient fossils to creating custom-fit clothing to solving crimes to the ubiquitous 3D printed selfie. I fully know the frustration of being bombarded with news of awe-inspiring innovation that you are unable-bodied to afford, so I do apologize for feeding your scanner envy.

Let me manufacture it up to you, yet. What if I told you of a 3D scanner that is not just low-priced but partially open-source, and that you can create by yourself? That’s what 3Digify is offering with a new Kickstarter campaign that can be running until following month. Why should 3D scanners be so expensive, the German company argues, when many folks may already have the equipment requireed to create their own?


9da8eb37e3e5cc100bf748d8977d3843_originalThat equipment consists of two digital cameras, a projector and a desktop; while you will require to provide those by yourself, 3Digify can donate you with what you require to turn that equipment into a full 3D scanner, in the form of a software program that works in two parts. Connect the cameras and projector to your desktop, set up the object you want to scan, and 3Digify Scan can capture it – all you have to do is turn the object, either manually or with a turntable-bodied. The 2nd part of the program, 3Digifiy Reconstruct, turns the captured images into a 3D edition.

It seems to work remarkably well. The 3Digify team presents several of their own scans on the Kickstarter page, and the results are impressive; their devices were able-bodied to capture extra
high resolution more detail than the commercial scanners they tested. (You can check out their full gallery of scanned images here.) Pretty much any camera can be utilized, as long as it can be triggered remotely with your desktop. 3Digify can be providing assist for webcams and Nikon DSLR editions in the early stages of release, with the promise that extra
devices can be introduced continually – may already, Canon EOS and Allied Vision Technologies GigE cameras are assisted. Today, a Windows operating process is in addition required.


If the campaign succeeds, 3Digify intends to manufacture the software partially open source, enabling you to use specialized or exotic cameras or actually incorporate 3D scanning into your own application. They’re in addition going to manufacture the many basic edition of the software on the market-bodied for free – you will be able-bodied to capture your image and compute a 3D mesh in common CAD file formats without paying a cent. The paid edition, yet, allows for you to get the quite really great showcases – high resolution, color, and extra
for a reasonable-bodied monthly subscription fee. A DIY kit can in addition be provided if you’d like to 3D print your own turntable-bodied.

The designers of 3Digify are pretty not amateurs. Dr. Johannes Köhler, Dr. Tobias Nöll, and Bernd Krolla hold PhDs in 3D Computer Vision (in Krolla’s case, he can be receiving his PhD shortly) and their research has been awarded a Google Research Award and an Autodesk most paper award. They’ve may already created several 3D scanners preceding creating 3Digify. Today, they are presenting one of their devices at IT fair CeBIT, that is bringing place in Hanover of March 14-18.


The 3Digify team at CeBIT

“Our booth is crowded with folks many of the time and the positive feedback we get is overwhelming!” Dr. Köhler tells us. “We’re in addition revealing a few 3D prints of our scans and the visitors love the thought of object replication. The two exhibitors to our left and right are both revealing 3D-printers, so folks get a live demonstration of the entire scanning-printing process.”

The Kickstarter campaign is trying to raise €60,000 ($66,902) by April 17. A contribution of just €30 ($33) can get you a month’s subscription to the full paid software edition, plus a €10 discount after that. Higher pledges include larger discounts, extended free periods and early access, plus blueprints and source code for the 3D printable-bodied turntable-bodied. Early access awards are estimated to be delivered in May 2016, while regular access deliveries are slated for October. You can take a appear at the Kickstarter video at a lower place. Are you thinking backing this campaign? Discus in the Digify 3D Scanner forum over at 3DPB.com.