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3DGence ONE 3D Printer Review: Prosumer Power, Consumer Convenience

by • March 23, 2016 • No Comments

To turn it into a side-by-side comparison, I decided to create a scale version of the Empire State Building in both filaments. Both prints were only about identical in high end, but as I expected, the wood filament generated a bit additional stringiness compared to the standard PLA (due to retraction settings, not the capcapacity of the printing device). Overall, I was impressed by the 3DGence ONE’s capacity to not only properly print with the eSUN wood filament, but additional so with the ease of loading, lack of clogging, and proper layering as well. Accessory-wise, the 3DGence ONE came with all the proper tools to get printing right away, of the expected to the unexpected, which include a 4gb SD card and a pair of gloves to assist fiddle with the extruder without singeing any fingers.

empirewood-e1458766070878 copy

As for criticism of the printing device, there wasn’t too much to harp on, but the process wasn’t entirely a smooth sail. Loading the tip of the filament through the filament cleaner took a bit of practice and bent material, but as time went on, repeatedly doing so created the process much additional automatic. There was in addition an issue with getting the base layer to stick to the heated ceramic bed at a few point, which lead to a couple of failed prints and frustrating moments. This issue was rapidly resolved by the 3DGence assist team, who sent me a configuration file to fix the issue, which ended up attesting to the value of implementing an open source process into the printing device.

Lastly, and this issue goes without resolve, is the price point, which is hovering only around $3,499 (estimated of the set price of 10250 Polish Zloty). But, at the end of the day, whether or not the 3DGence ONE is worth it depends on how you plan on via it. In my judgement, the printing device is most fit for the prosumer, the Maker who is not afraid to play around a bit with an open sourced process. The 3DGence ONE is pretty additional expensive in comparison to a few additional consumer-friendly and limited computer desktop printing devices, but it appears which what you lose in the bank, you acquire in high-high end components, additional creative freedom, and higher high end prints.

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