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3ders.org – Formfutura’s new EasyCork filament makes warp-free .

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Aug 9, 2016 | By Alec

It takes place to at any timeyone who at any time opens a bottle of wine. Thanks to the prevalence of screw caps these days, you find by yourself completely destroying those few corks you come across – no matter how careful you are. But now you won’t have to drink the whole bottle anyadditional, as you can just 3D print a new cork at home. For Dutch filament manufacturers Formfutura has just commenceed their new EasyCork PLA-based filament, which is ideally
packed with cork fibers to practuallyt warpage and can be 3D printed on just of at any timey computer 3D printing device out there.
Formfutura is a materials specialist based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, which is steadily assembling a reputation for its engineering-grade and consumer filaments. Aside of the usual stuff, they have created up an especially astonishing range of specialty filaments, which include a range of EasyWood filaments and the engineering grade TitanX and ApolloX materials, which can boast of unparalleled adhesion qualities.
But one of us regular users, FormFutura is especially known for their EasyFil material approach, which assures which their PLA-based filaments (like their EasyWood range) stay approximately completely warp-free when 3D printed. This decreases the require for reprints and allows for you to get additional value out of your purchase.

EasyCork is in addition based on their EasyFil PLA compound, manufacturing it ideally
warp-free. “EasyCork in addition has an excellent filament flowing behavior enabling you to 3D print cork-like objects with high printing speeds. Certain geometric shapes can actually be 3D printed with incredibly high speeds,” the FormFutura team add. The filament can actually boast of ideal initially- and inter-layer adhesion, while EasyCork showcases excellent thermal stability and filament flowing behavior as well.
What’s additional, this new filament is incredibly lightweight for the reason of its relatively high amount of cork fibers. Whilst most wood-based PLA filaments are approximately completely PLA, a huge 30 percent of EasyCork is created of cork fibers. “This means which one kilogram of EasyCork contains 300 gram of lightweight cork fibers. These lightweight cork fibers manufacture which EasyCork has an amazing high volumetric filling,” they say.

This means which any object 3D printed in EasyCork not just has all the aesthetics of cork (which include its smell), but in addition has its excellent lightweight and impact resistant properties as well. “The effortless cork fillers in EasyCork can donate your printed object a “living” appearance with quite subtle effortless linings/shades which can be reinforced by playing around with extrusion temperature variations during your 3D print,” its Dutch developers argue. Available in both effortless dark cork and a lighter adaptation, you can now thus actually 3D print actual corks at home.
But most importantly, EasyCork can be 3D printed on just of at any timey commjust-used computer 3D printing device – unlike most other ‘specialist’ filaments out there. This is largely created possible by the filament’s excellent roundness and quite tight diameter tolerances, manufacturing it easily 3D printable on any MakerBot, Ultimanufacturer, Leapfrog, UP! machine out there, and on just of at any timey other computer 3D printing device you can ponder of – actually on any RepRap create. And which accessibility is a thing the 3D printing community desperately requires of its filament.

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