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Mar 15, 2016 | By Kira
UK-based Cooksongold has turn it intod 950Pt/Ru, the world’s initially platinum powder optimized for 3D printing satisfactory jewelry and watches. Designed for use with the company’s Precious M 080 direct metal 3D printing device, the platinum powder creates new possibilities for producing complex, delicate, and sturdy platinum jewelry pieces, and opens up an entirely new market in the 3D printed jewelry industry.

There’s a reason the term ‘platinum’ is utilized to describe a few of the satisfactoryr things in life: of platinum credit cards to platinum record sales, it invokes a sense of excellent high high end. In the materials world, platinum is not just a precious metal; it is one of the many desired metals for jewelry and watch producing. Lustrous, malleable, and yet sturdyer and additional durable than gold, platinum is in addition hypoallergenic and therefore perfect for those with sensitive skin.
For all of these benefits, yet, platinum is notoriously complex to work with. Because of its hardness, it is prone to cracking, tearing, or shrinking during the casting system, and until now, has been not easy to 3D print.
Cooksongold, a supplier of fabricated precious metals and co-creator of the EOS Precious M 080 metal 3D printing device, sought out to address these issues and to turn it into a platinum powder which may in fact manufacture 3D printed platinum jewelry a viable commercial opportunity. The outcome, 950Pt/Ru, is a powder which once 3D printed, can be post-systemed, milled, and polished without the risks synonymous with traditionally cast platinum alloys. For manufacturers, this means worthwhile time and cost savings: parts can be customized without the require for expensive tools and molds, and prototypes can be generated inside hours.

For jewelry developers and artists, 3D printing innovation allows for them to turn it into one-of-a-kind, complex, and articulated platinum pieces which mayn’t be possible otherwise. For example, they can complete hollow structures, or shapes which fluidly transition between thick and thin sections.
“This is one of the many ingenious developments for the 3D printing innovation. Helping to eliminate the common problems synonymous with casting platinum,” said David Fletcher, Cooksongold business development manager. “It can become significant for bespoke and low volume platinum jewelry production.”
To demonstrate the effectiveness of this platinum 3D printing powder, Cooksongold and Platinum Guild International (PGI) not long ago selected two UK-based jewelry developers to turn it into the initially-at any time platinum 3D printed pieces. Contemporary jewelry developer Clara Breen opted for a very ownized platinum wrist cuff inspired by patterns on an ancient Chinese vase. “Platinum is so fitting for the reason it is actually the many precious metal,” she said. “It is so pure and at any timelasting.”

For his part, award-winning developer Joseph Jackson turn it intod a pair of platinum cuff links inspired by bone structure and organic growth. 3D printed in a single run, the cuff links consist of a self-supporting hollow structure and a satisfactory platinum lattice which may just be completed through 3D printing.
“The direct precious metal 3D printing system empowers the production of intricate create forms which if cast may encounter issues due to metal flow. This is a excellent advantage when working with platinum. Platinum’s durablity allows for delicate parts to be generated whilst yet being sturdy adequate for a wearable piece of jewelry. One other primary advantage of the system is its ability to create hollow forms, reducing component weight and therefore cost,” he explained.

“This innovation opens up new frontiers in platinum jewelry creates, just at a time when consumers are increasingly looking for differentiated and highly very own solutions and experiences,” introduced Huw Daniel, CEO of PGI.
Cooksongold’s platinum 3D printing powder as well as the initially 3D printed platinum jewelry pieces can be officially announced this weekend at Baselworld 2016, a globally-recognized marketplace and trendsetting exhibition for the watch and satisfactory jewelry industry. A Precious M 080 DMLS 3D printing device can in addition be on-site, 3D printing 18 carat gold throughout the show to demonstrate the possibilities in 3D printed jewelry.
In addition to the new 950Pt/Ru platinum powder, Cooksongold in addition offers a range of high end metal powders for 3D printing and high end producing, which include yellow gold, white gold, red gold, and silver. The company plans to unveil actually additional high end metal 3D printing powders throughout 2016.

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