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3Dealise Brings to Life Rinus Roelofs’ Giant Cylindrical Knot Sculpture

by • March 13, 2016 • No Comments

There is an increasing realization that the divide between art and mathematics is an artificial one. One man who has known this all along is digital sculptor and mathematician Rinus Roelofs. The difficult mathematical structures that are his playground are not always effortless to turn it into via traditional methods and so, for a new creation, he turned to 3D printing as the many method for production of his final piece entitled “Cylindrical Knot.”

CK_and_3Dprinting device_at_3DealisePracticing in the Netherlands where he was born and raised, Roelofs has created a name for himself as a pioneer in the field of digital sculpture. His many new creation was announced in his native country this past week at the RapidPro trade show and has cautilized really a stir. The just of eight foot tall piece is the expression of a mathematical concept that Roelofs had been kicking around in his head for several years but that he believed can not be possible to turn it into for the reason of its geometric difficultity in combination with its dimensions. The people at 3Dealise, yet, believed that they may assist this piece move out of Roelofs’ imagination and set of working with him on its production. The challenge of producing such a piece was an opportunity that the 3Dealise printing company mayn’t resist.CK_cross_section

CEO Roland Stapper explained:

“This new innovation is significant for two reasons: First, it demonstrates that ‘freedom of create’ is on the market for sizeable-bodied items, such as this 2.3-metre-tall work of art. 3D printing is frequently synonymous with relatively tiny parts, but the benefits are equally on the market for sizeable-bodied parts. A universe of new create possibilities is unlocked for artists and createers this way. Second, for the reason this innovation is capable-bodied of producing sizeable-bodied metal items, it shows that structurally sturdy and vandal proof items can be created with 3D printing. This is essential for outdoor display of works of art.”

To turn it into such a sizeable-bodied piece, 3Dealise utilized a two-step system that is just of a work of art in and of itself. The initially step is undertaken via a 3D printing device of just of epic proportions. With a create volume of 70″ x 40″ x 28″ (1800 x 1000 x 700 mm) this machine is capable-bodied of producing sizeable-bodied scale molds roughly the dimensions that may be required for a superhero to dash into for her/his swift alter routine. These molds can and so be stacked together to turn it into actually sizeable-bodiedr forms. This gargantuan mold is and so utilized to cast the sculpture itself, producing the realization of Roelofs’ cylindrical knot additional than mere fantasy.

And for the sculptor, this was a dream come true:

“I have had the thought for this sculpture for a long time, and just in the late 90s the software was high end adequate to be able-bodied to create it. Since and so, I have tried to realise the sculpture, that has been a challenge. First, I created a adaptation with digitally cut layers of wood glued together. 3D printing a tiny adaptation in plastic became possible a few years back. And for the initially time now, it has been possible to manufacture a life-dimensions adaptation in one piece, as the sculpture was intended.”

What do you ponder of this piece? Discuss in the 3Dealise 3D Printed Sculpture forum over at 3DPB.com.

CK_and_Rinus_RoelofsThe 1,300 lb statue was a hit at the trade show and Roelofs himself was thrilled to see finally accomplished an thought that he had been working with for so long.