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3D Systems Releases New 2016 Geomagic Updates with New 3D Scan-to-Design Workflow

by • March 27, 2016 • No Comments

3D_Systems_Logo_-_of_CommonsCAD has played a role in the turn it into industry for literally decades, but when it came time to turn it into prototypes CAD data was frequently sent off to experts in fabrication and making to do the actual production work. But, with increasing numbers of businesses having in-house 3D printing devices, or a 3D printing service provider on speed dial, CAD software has requireed to adapt. Not only has it requireed to become simpler to work with for the reason it is being utilized by additional folks around the office, but it has requireed to expand its role inside an office workflow. Modern CAD programs quite require to be able-bodied to do it all now: rendering, previewing, sending off to be 3D printed and accepting new ways to import information, that include the faculty to turn sketch and 3D scan data into a working CAD edition.

3dp_geomagic_logoIn that regard the latest updates to Geomagic software boxs of 3D Systems are next the suit of only of each other piece of turn it into software on the market. Their 2016 updates for the entire line of Geomagic have one goal in common: manufacture it simpler to use and additional flexible to the growing role software plays in modern turn it into workflows. The Geomagic 2016 software product updates include Geomagic Freeform, Geomagic Freeform Plus and Geomagic Sculpt. They have introduced a few new functionality to manufacture the 3D sculpting and turn it into system additional organic and exact while sidestepping many of the restrictions on content creation that frequently slow down many geometric CAD platform turn it into to production systemes.

“Geomagic Freeform shifts your horizons regardless of whether you are an artist, industrial turn it intoer or engineer. Digital turn it into becomes tangible with these tools, enabling you to complete that ideal turn it into and immediately bring it to life via 3D printing or traditional making systemes,” said artist, turn it intoer and Geomagic Freeform Plus user Scotty Ziegler.

The new Geomagic Freeform 2016 update offers engineers, turn it intoers, artists, edition manufacturers and sculptors a robust and comprehensive set of 3D engineering tools that allow them to easily solve many of the additional hard turn it into and making challenges faced at present. Users can work with virtual clay editions that are effortless to alter into any more detail or form via the enhanced set of tools that have been optimized to assist effortless and swift 3D printing. The professional-grade products are actually additional powerful with Geomagic Freeform Plus. It has an actually larger set of tools and showcases that simplify high end making turn it into, that include swift conedition of digital clay and polygons to NURBS surfaces, mold and die turn it into, shell generation, draft analysis, parting line and surfacing tools for organic shapes and hard geometries.

3D apple edition with internal lattice to reduce mass.

3D apple edition with internal lattice to reduce mass.

3D data can now be scanned directly into Geomagic Freeform with the Geomagic Capture scanner. This new, seamless scan-to-turn it into workflow manufactures it simpler to work with imported CAD data and alter it into organic turn it intos. StructureFX is a new showcase that offers high end 3D lattice and structure tools, that donates custom, internal and external lattice structures for hard or lightmass 3D turn it intos. The tools simplify the generation of hard structures for highly functional applications like the creation of customized medical implants. StructureFX can seamlessly work with Freeform’s high end 3D printing analysis tools that manufacture it effortless to that successfully 3D print any high end turn it intos without requireed to import the data into a 2nd software box.

The enhanced 3D print analysis and printfaculty toolset in Freeform 2016 is a massive simplification of the standard turn it into to making workflow. It comes with enhanced showcase dimensions analysis and print alignment tools that optimize the high end and repeatfaculty of 3D print production, that include small-scale making. Freeform 2016 is in addition fully integrated with 3DSPRINT, that instantly assists the entire range of 3D Systems’ 3D printing devices. That comes with the faculty to monitor prints, manage printing queues, repair faulty or damaged 3D data for 3D printing or traditional making and offers a wide variety of file format exports.

Haptic device working with Geomagic to capture the a physical object and turn it into a CAD edition.

Haptic device working with Geomagic to capture the a physical object and turn it into a CAD edition.

“3D Systems Geomagic Freeform products donate an high end turn it into environment that enable-bodieds turn it intoers and engineers to turn it into amazing products. The 2016 release of these Geomagic Freeform products represents 3D Systems’ dedication to donateing the quite most tools for turn it into, engineering and making.” said Vice President, Co-Chief Operating Officer and Chief Ractuallyue Officer of 3D Systems Software, Calvin Hur.

The Geomagic Freeform software works exclusively with 3D Systems Touch haptic devices that simulate the physical sensation of sculpting in a 3D digital environment. Sculpting with haptic devices is a additional intuitive method of interacting with and creating digital assets that frequently reduces learning curves, manufactures the turn it into system swifter and turn it intos high high end 3D data. You can learn additional of all of the Geomagic Freeform 2016 updates, as well as get access to a free trial edition of the software, here. Is this update a fewthing that interests you? Tell us of it in the Geomagic & 3D Workflow forum over at 3DPB.com.