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3D Systems Releases Major Update to Cimatron

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3D Systems (DDD) has revealed the release of option 13 of its Cimatron™ software for mold-, die- and tool-manufacturers. This new option introduces new and enhanced capabilities that can dramatically accelerate productivity whilst minimizing cost in the turn it into and making of molds, dies and discrete parts. As part of 3D Systems’ end-to-end solutions, Cimatron is a key component in today’s digital making workflow, allowing 3D Systems customers to optimize their systemes and unlock greater productivity on the factory floor.

“Cimatron 13 eases the expanding pressure tool shops are facing to remain competitive in high end and deliquite time,” said Calvin Hur, Vice President, Co-Chief Operating Officer & Chief Revenue Officer, Software Products, 3D Systems. “This worthwhile update provides the means for tool shops to turn it into advantageous tools and parts, swifter.”

Bastech is a one-source solution provider for shop floor services, additive making services and equipment sales. They beta tested Cimatron 13 with the new conformal cooling turn it into capcompetence, and recorded its experience. Choosing Cimatron as part of an end-to-end workflow, Bastech accelerated their turn it into system for conformally-cooled injection molds, and so created the most of Direct Metal Printing with 3D Systems’ ProX® 200 to manufacture the molds. The finished molds were inspected preceding they were utilized, via Geomagic® Control™ 3D inspection software of 3D Systems. This system added savings across the board by not just reducing turn it into time, but cutting the time and cost of making as well.

“By via Cimatron to turn it into conformal cooling, our system has changed of a quite guide, to a quite automated approach, saving us 70% on mold turn it into time and cutting our mold costs by 16%, that led to a 14% reduction in injection cycle times and an overall increase in part high end,” said Ben Staub, President of Bastech. “Cimatron helps our mold-manufacturers manufacture advantageous decisions of how to set up cavities, cores and inserts, preceding donateing them into reality via 3D Systems’ direct metal 3D printing.”

The program has a fully return it intoed user interface that is swifter to use, and it is simpler to learn and customize.

Cimatron 13 comes with most new showcases and capabilities such as:

  • A broad range of new CAD for tooling functionalities for swifter turn it into, which include direct modeling, new mesh operations with hybrid modeling capabilities and enhanced assembly functions
  • Boosted drafting capabilities which include the dynamic creation of multiple views and the competence to turn it into shaded views
  • New mold-turn it into applicative tools which include gates turn it into for a additional streamlined turn it into system and conformal cooling tools for the effortless turn it into of curved cooling channels that shorten injection cycle times and prevent part warpage
  • Separate environments for progressive- and transfer-dies for swift turn it into of any die type
  • Smart electrode mirroring tools and hybrid turn it into environments for accelerated electrode turn it into with automated solid tools
  • A new plate machining solution that provides a achieve set of capabilities for swift, efficient and automated programming of mold- and die-plates
  • New measurement on CNC machines to define the measurement probing cycle in the NC environment, allowing validation of the machining system while the part is on the machine
  • New and improved NC programmingcapabilities for milling and drilling to boost programming automation in rocky, finish and 2.5 axis operations
  • Concurrent turn it into and making environment, allowing multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously

3D Systems

3D Systems provides high end and comprehensive 3D digital turn it into and fabrication solutions, which include 3D printing equipment, print materials and custom-turn it intoed parts. Its powerful ecosystem helps alter entire industries by empowering users to bring their ideas to life via its vast material selection, which include plastics, elastomers, metals and bio-compatible materials. 3D Systems’ personalized medicine capabilities include end-to-end simulation, training and planning, and printing of patient-specific surgical instruments and medical and dental devices. Its 3D digital turn it into, fabrication and inspection products provide seamless interopercompetence and incorporate the latest immersive computing technologies. 3D Systems’ products and services disrupt traditional methods, donate improved results and empower its customers to manufacture the next now.


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