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3D Systems Partners with CHEST to Develop Standardized Bronchoscopy Curriculum Using VR-Powered Simbionix BRONCH Mentor

by • April 14, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_3ds_chest_Simbionix_LogoWhilst a lot of the hype centered on Virtual Reality is being focutilized on video gaming, there are far additional significant and new uses for the innovation on the horizon. Not just can VR provide individuals with brand new ways to communicate and interact with every other online, it is going to allow for amazingly immersive and engaging educational experiences. Virtual Reality is may already being explored as a way to simulate real world environments, of museums to crime scenes. But one of the areas that has gotten to VR firstly is the medical and education sector, that is leveraging the innovation to turn it into accurate and life-like medical training experiences.

3dp_3ds_chest_logoWhilst 3D Systems is primarily known as a 3D printing company, in 2014 they purchased medical simulation and imagining company Simbionix, that creates cutting-edge medical simulators, an high end simulation management system and patient specific simulation technologies. With the acquisition of Simbionix, 3D Systems became one of the top createers of medical education solutions and equipment, and have utilized their own longtime familiarity with 3D software to additional enhance their products. Currently Simbionix equipment software can be discovered in medical centers, hospitals, colleges and medical training facilities all over the world, and they regularly team up with educational institutions and organizations to create up-to-date training curricula.

This week 3D Systems revealed that they are starting a new and ongoing collaboration with CHEST, the American College of Chest Physicians. The partnership was created to create standardized educational materials for via the Simbionix BRONCH Mentor virtual reality bronchoscopy training simulator. The CHEST Standardized Curriculum Module for Essential Bronchoscopic Skills and Diagnostic Bronchoscopy was created to provide medical professionals and students the faculty to safely learn and demonstrate basic bronchoscopic procedural skills, as well as create their clinical knowledge with hands-on training to foster increated medical decision-making.

The Simbionix BRONCH Mentor training platform.

The Simbionix BRONCH Mentor training platform.

“We are delighted to partner with 3D Systems to donate a standardized interventional pulmonology curriculum, enabling individual programs to contribute training that is been validated through CHEST’s hands-on simulation programs. This partnership is a sturdy example of CHEST’s dedication to providing essential education and resources at significant times for the chest medicine community.” said Senior Vice President of Education of CHEST, Nicole Augustyn.

The Simbionix BRONCH Mentor .

The Simbionix BRONCH Mentor.

Whilst the risks synonymous with a bronchoscopy are typically minimal, improper training can yet lead to extreme patient discomfort. It can outcome in side consequences like torn or scratched airways, injure to the vocal cords or actually bleeding after the procedure is utilized to take a biopsy. The new training module combines CHEST’s 85 years of experience with 3D Systems’ knowledge of 3D simulation software to turn it into a system that contributes relevant training and assessment without risk to a live patient. The standardized curriculum provides a additional realistic mode of practice, that can assist create practitioner dexterity and familiarity with the procedure.

The curriculum combines theoretical educational materials and clinical decision-making quizzes and pairs it with hands-on simulation practice, which include video tutorials and tasks that are created to enable core bronchoscopic competencies. It can in addition include clinical segments that can challenge and assess cognitive and psychomotor skills as a single entity, that is a firstly for this type of training material. The curriculum covers the full clinical workflow, which include the entire patient evaluation system. That consists of the first evaluation, future procedural strategies, techniques, final outcomes and long-term patient care management.

3D Systems and their Chinese distributor Beidestar Technology Development can be featuring the Standardized CHEST Curriculum for the BRONCH Mentor at the 2016 CHEST World Congress. The conference is being held in Shanghai of April 15th to the 17th at booth 8. You can learn additional of CHEST here, and additional of Simbionix here. Discuss in the 3DS & CHEST forum over at 3DPB.com.