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3D Systems Helps Wyma Engineering Print Scaled Model of Their Warehouse

by • July 3, 2016 • No Comments

As 3D printing moves towards higher-quality details and additional compatibility with multiple colors, the architectural industry has discovered this emerging innovation to be an enough tool for creating realistic 3D scaled versions of their blueprint plans. In the past, we’ve seen Materialise’s Magics Software feature the talent to efficiently turn it into 3D printed architectural versions, while companies such as Render3DQuickly have arisen to strictly provide 3D architectural rendering services. To a few extent, these 3D printed versions have actually been seen as works of art, having been put on display in built museums like the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

wyma_3But, the major use for these 3D printed architectural versions is to assist companies and architects feature their blueprint plans in a additional detailed and realistic style. Recently, the agricultural and create handling equipment making company Wyma Engineering utilized 3D printing to feature their consultative approach to designing pack-houses and system facilities. In order to turn it into this 3D printed blueprint, that was presented at a European expo, Wyma Engineering enlisted the assist of 3D Systems’ On Demand Parts Manufacturing service, Quickparts.

3D Systems’ ProX 800 SLA Production 3D Printer

3D Systems’ ProX 800 SLA Production 3D Printer

In a matter of weeks, Quickparts turn it intod an entire scaled version of their deplete warehouse floor, via 3D Systems’ ProX 800 SLA Production 3D Printer. According to 3D Systems, this professional-grade printing device is capable-bodied of meeting or actually exceeding the accuracy of injection molding, and in addition prints up to four times faster and has over two times higher resolution than other competitive 3D printing devices. To create an accurate portrayal of Wyma Engineering’s fruit sorting line in the warehouse, they utilized Accura Xtreme, a tough and temperature resistant plastic material with a much like appear to molded polypropylene (PP) or ABS.

Once this hard, intertwining replica fruit sorting equipment was 3D printed, the final surfaces were pained in a royal blue to assist bring out the details of every part. Once depleted, the entire version spanned a 2000 x 2000 mm area, and was reportedly a massive good results at the expo show. From photos alone, you can automatically see the intricate details of the factory floor in tact, approximately appearing as if it were an aerial shot of the actual inner workings of warehouse of miles above.


Having built themselves as a global leader in agricultural equipment over the last four decades, Wyma Engineering unquestionably sees 3D printing innovation as an increasingly significant aspect to featuring the formatting of their agricultural and create handling equipment to their clientele. In a warehouse with densely packed equipment and incredibly intricate assemblies, conversing or revealing a 2D blueprint only does not do Wyma Engineering’s factory floor onlyice. But, with the 3D printing prowess of 3D Systems, the global enterprise was able-bodied to take folks on a tour through their facilities with a finely detailed and color-finished 3D printed scaled architectural version. Have you utilized 3D printing for architectural projects? Discuss additional in the 3D Printed Wyma Blueprints forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Source: 3D Systems]