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3D Systems Expands Their Medical Capabilities With New Healthcare Technology Center

by • March 9, 2016 • No Comments

Building-2At age 9, Blessing Makwera was severely injured when a land mine blew up in his face. The injure left him with severe disfigurement for years, until innovation of 3D Systems was able-bodied to restore his jaw in a rigorous, 12-hour surgery. Currently, Makwera was one of those in attendance at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for 3D Systems’ brand new, 70,000-square-foot Healthcare Technology Center in Littleton, CO. Meticulous surgical planning, via high end virtual simulators and and 3D printed anatomical models, allowed surgeons to reconstruct the young Zimbabwean man’s face in a way that never may have been possible without 3D Systems’ innovation. Currently, Makwera says he is thrilled to be present at the opening of a facility that can assist to advance the life-changing, lifesaving capabilities of 3D medical innovation.

“Currently is an significant day in medicine,” said Makwera, who is one of several attendees that include government officials, additive manufacturing experts, and leaders in the medical and academic fields. “My story illustrates how life changing this innovation can be, and I am overjoyed to ponder of the many lives that can be impacted and improved by the capabilities created possible here.”

3D Systems has built a well-earned reputation as one of the top providers of 3D solutions to the healthcare industry. From surgical training simulators to 3D printed surgical models, implants and prosthetics, the 3D Systems name is never far of any discussion of the newest, many high end 3D medical innovation. The new facility, that is ISO 13485 certified for healthcare solutions, can allow the company to focus and expand their efforts to create progressive, lifesaving new applications.


“Our new Healthcare Technology Center answers the expanding require of the medical community for new and adaptive tools created to provide advantageous insights, advantageous processes and advantageous outcomes,” said Kevin McAlea, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Healthcare, 3D Systems. “Our extensive and expanding offering of precision healthcare and medical 3D printing solutions provide the means and skills for medical and dental professionals to overcome today’s challenges and advance the next of care.”

LAP_Banner_08_2015The Healthcare Technology Center can showcase several manufacturing floors dedicated to 3D Systems’ full range of 3D printing innovation. Perhaps the coolest part of the facility is the simulation experience center. It is one thing to read of lifesaving surgeries performed with the assist of 3D printing and modeling, but it’s really another to see the innovation close up. At the simulation experience center, visitors can try out the company’s Simbionix surgical simulators for themselves, and see initiallyhand how the simulators and 3D printed models can be utilized together to learn of human anatomy and to practice surgeries preceding performing them on patients.

When it comes to acceptance of new innovation – particularly when it relates to medicine – knowledge is all things. Dr. Oren Tepper, Director of Craniofacial Surgery at the Montefiore Medical Center, in addition attended the grand opening of the Healthcare Technology Center, and applauds the center’s joint approach to advancing 3D medical innovation through both product createment and education.

“Awareness and access have been the largest hurdles to adopting 3D innovation in healthcare,” Dr. Tepper said. “This facility can be a immense asset to the healthcare community in createing and proving exact methodologies for a few of medicine’s many attempting cases.”

3D Systems has a hand in only of each industry, of aerospace to architecture to jewelry, but not long ago they’ve been putting a lot additional investment into sure areas. Their not long ago opened Culinary Lab in Los Angeles announced their intentions to create one of the lesser-explored areas of 3D printing, but the Healthcare Technology Center makes a lot additional sense. When asked where 3D printing is manufacturing the largest impact, medicine is what immediately comes to mind. It is the industry in that 3D printing has the many future to in fact save lives, and only of each primary corporation in the 3D printing industry is racing to store up with rapid pace at that 3D medical innovation is createing.

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3D Systems may may already be way ahead of other companies in terms of medical 3D innovation, but the new center, that can assist as the company’s global healthcare hub, can play a big role in assisting them to remain in the lead. Chuck Hull, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer for 3D Systems, couldn’t be happier.

“From the initially printed part, I knew 3D printing had the future to impact lives,” Hull said, “but I never imagined the progressive ways in that this innovation may enhance healthcare and improve the high end of life for so many.”

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