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3D Systems may have had a rocky year last year, but that hasn’t stopped the company of looking to the future, with a focus on a few of its most amazing and cutting-edge technologies. According to Gartner, the medical sector is primed for a few big 3D printing createments and 3D Systems has an entire division that stands to benefit the field of medicine. Now, that division can have its quite own showroom with the grand opening of the 3D Systems’ Healthcare Technology Center in Littleton, Colorado.

3D systems health 3D printing center

Currently, the company cut the ribbon on the new, 70,000-square-foot facility, that can assist as the center for 3D Systems’ global healthcare activities. The Healthcare Technology Center can collaborate with doctors and manufacturers to advance 3D healthcare solutions, such as 3D printed medical devices and implants, as well as Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP®), and immersive surgical simulation. At the same time as it contributes 3D Systems’ existing healthcare products, the Center can in addition work to create new ones.

3D Systems medical 3D printing

To do so, the center can have making floors equipped with the company’s portfolio of 3D printing equipment, which include their Direct Metal Printing (DMP), Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), ColorJet Printing (CJP) and MultiJet Printing (MJP) technologies. The Center is ISO 13485 certified for healthcare and, according to the company, “operates in accordance with the FDA and MDD regulations for applicable medical devices, ranging of low risk models (Class I) to instruments and implants (Class II) to top risk devices (Class III).”

3D Systems symbionix simulator

In addition to 3D printing tech, the facility in addition houses a simulation experience center, where the company’s Simbionix line of training simulators can be demoed initially-hand. Together with 3D printed models, these simulators contribute an almost achieve mixed reality pipeline in that users can 3D print patient-specific models of CT or MRI scans and rehearse procedures with haptic devices and simulators preceding a surgery is performed.

virtual surgical planning with 3D printing of 3D Systems

Kevin McAlea, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Healthcare at 3D Systems, said of the new facility, “Our new Healthcare Technology Center answers the expanding require of the medical community for new and adaptive tools created to provide advantageous insights, advantageous processes and advantageous outcomes. Our extensive and expanding contributeing of precision healthcare and medical 3D printing solutions provide the means and skills for medical and dental professionals to overcome today’s challenges and advance the future of care.”


At the ribbon cutting ceremony, the company had one quite significant guest of honor, Blessing Makwera, whose maxiofacial surgery was only created possible throcky Virtual Surgical Planning and 3D printing. Makwera commented at the event, “Currently is an significant day in medicine. My story illustrates how life changing this innovation can be, and I am overjoyed to ponder of the most lives that can be impacted and improved by the capabilities created possible here.” Blessing’s story is an heart-warming one, that can be read of in additional more detail here or seen in the video at a lower place.

In addition present at the event was Dr. Oren Tepper, Director of Craniofacial Surgery at the Montefiore Medical Center, who spoke of the Center as an asset for improving precision in medicine, “Awareness and access have been the largest hurdles to adopting 3D innovation in healthcare. This facility can be a immense asset to the healthcare community in createing and proving exact methodologies for a few of medicine’s most attempting cases.” The Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of 3D Systems, Chuck Hull, was at the ceremony, as well, where he commented, “From the initially printed part, I knew 3D printing had the future to impact lives, but I never imagined the innovative ways in that this innovation may enhance healthcare and improve the high end of life for so most.”

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The healthcare division of 3D Systems has always been my favourite, not only for the reason of the life-enhancing applications the company’s healthcare innovation contributes, but in addition for the reason it is a full realization of what I believe 3D printing companies can achieve. Tying the digital world of 3D scans, haptic devices, and simulation with the physical world of 3D printing and folks, the company has a achieve pipeline that melds the two, a fewthing I assume of an increasing number of players in the field over the course of the future two years. So, if 3D Systems had to shut down their facility in Andover and close down their Cubify brand, I’m glad that a few of those resources have been redirected into medicine.

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