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3D Systems 3D prints 140 parts for P51 Combat Fighter motorcycle by Confederate Motors – 3ders.org (blog)

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May 6, 2016 | By Alec

As any createer can tell you, a create can only be as excellent as making realities allow it to be. It is a problem that has often confronted exclusive motorcycle createers Confederate Motors, who create custom rides for prominent clients such as Tom Cruise and David Beckham. It is exactly why the company not long ago teamed up with 3D Systems to create achieve assembly kits for their P51 Combat Fighter motorcycle, consisting of additional than 140 various 3D printed parts. The final outcomes ideally captured the integrated aesthetic Confederate Motors was looking for, and they are may already planning to 3D print additional motorcycles in the near following.
Confederate Motors needs no introduction for motorcycle lovers, as it’s one of the premier American road bike manufacturers. Consisting of only a tiny team of top level engineers, they specialize in one-of-a-kind creates with a distinctive ‘skeletal minimalism’ fashion. Founded 25 years ago, they create quite tiny batches of motorcycles and until not long ago utilized around 60 various machines for each bike. As the company unleashes their creativity on equite part of a bike, their name has become identified with rad and high high end motorcycles.

But throughout that system, prototyping takes up most of their time. For the createment of their second-generation P51 Combat Fighter version, Confederate Motors therefore approached 3D Systems to accelerate prototyping through their on-demand stereolithography (SLA) and selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing solutions. It is an informative partnership that achievely got out of hand. After initially meeting in 2014, they rapidly decided that 3D Systems’ services may be most utilized for the hundreds of prototypes they needed. But after being so impressed by their work, they soon teamed up for a full-fledged making system and the production of achieve 3D printed metal assembly kits.
3D Systems’ Quickparts on-demand making services of course provide a full arsenal of 3D printing solutions, and were discovered to be a ideal partner for this project. “Our relationship with 3D Systems is most likely the most thing that’s happened to me since I’ve been in this business,” Confederate Motors discovereder and CEO Matt Chambers says. “It takes so much of the pressure off our tiny team and lets us focus on what we love to do, that is create the most possible bike imaginable.”

Specifically, 3D Systems’ services were utilized to prototype and create additional than 140 motorcycle parts. All parts are widely various in terms of complexity and dimensions, and include equitething of the handles to the key and engine components. Whilst most companies outsource production and createment to various partners, createer Jordan Cornille said it was a breath of fresh air to work with only one major vendor. “Parts go together advantageous, and we can be assured that the part finish of equitething can match. With the different of a few engine components, wiring, wheels, tires and lighting, 3D Systems makes equite part of the Fighter,” he says. Even the carbon fiber fenders were 3D printed in their Accura® Peak material.
But most prototype products are of a disappointing high end, this wasn’t the case with 3D Systems’ versions, says production manager Jason Reddick. “The thing that holds me up the most when we are prototyping is when a part does not come in as advertised,” he said. “The 3D Systems parts for the G2 P51 came in as we asked for them, in the order in that we asked, on time. The prototype stayed on schedule and in fact finished ahead of time, beating our projection by sat any timeal days. This is the most prototype we’ve at any time done.”
Of course there were a few parts that may not be 3D printed, and in those cases 3D Systems yet guaranteed production high end with their QuickCutCNC system. This was done for, one of others, the master patterns for P51 carbon fiber parts. Again, the motorcycle men were impressed. “3D Systems allows for us to create extraordinary forms and shapes out of solid materials,” says Cornille. “The machines are so exact that there were quite few alters to be created going of prototype to production. The only tweaks that were needed were create alters on our end.”

The 3D Systems ProX 500 SLS 3D printing device.
The outcome is the awe-inspiring P51 Combat Fighter, an absolute beast that can donate 200 pounds of torque. It has may already succeded in rad reviews, with one Cycle World reviewer praising the create. “The Confederate did what it was createed to do, attracting additional pedestrian attention than any motorcycle I’ve at any time straddled, with an awea few power deliquite and exhaust note, plus that one-of-a-kind aesthetic,” he wrote.
For Confederate Motors, it was in addition a achieve eye-opener and game-alterr. “It is unfathomable for me to explain in words only how much advantageous it is to be free to do a fewthing we are quite excellent at, that is create. It is alterd our entire program, not only for the motorcycles we are working on now, but for the four or five new bike creates we will work on over the following three to four years,” Chambers said.

Tom Cruise on his F131 Hellcat by Confederate Motors.
Designer Cornille agreed, saying that 3D Systems’ services are ideal for a tiny-scale createer such as themselves. “We don’t create thousands of copies of each version, and 3D Systems allows for us to alter creates often without committing to thousands of dollars’ worth of tooling,” he said. In short, prepare by yourself for a lot additional awe-inspiring 3D printed motorcycles only across the horizon.

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