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3D Shaver – Personalize Your Shaver With 3D Printing

by • April 20, 2016 • No Comments

3D printing innovation and online customization tools are opening up new possibilities in making a very ownized product. And what may be additional very own than shaving?

That was Philips’ considering
when it opened up its classic men’s shaver for very ownization. The 3D Shaver, created in partnership with Shapeways and Twikit and custom created by you, is may already
being offered by Philips in a limited version trial.

3D Shaver Tool

Shavers can be configured with various handle creations and colors at 3dshaver.com. Once ordered, the custom parts are 3D printed and dyed at Shapeways’ factory in Eindhoven and shipped to Philips in the Netherlands for final making and assembly. The shaver is and so packed in a custom box and shipped to you inside 2-3 weeks of placing an order.

3D Shaver 4 Colors (800vers)

The 3D Shaver is exclusively on the market in The Netherlands. There are just 125 3D Shavers on the market and just two shavers can be ordered per day. A sizeable number may already
have been sold, so you will have to move swift to get one.

We’re excited to partner with Philips on this and they have long shared Shapeways vision for the next of 3D printing; we were founded in 2007 in Eindhoven as part of Philips’ lifestyle incubator and appear forward to working with them on additional very ownized products in the next.


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