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3D Scanning Trees with Kathleen King

by • March 2, 2016 • No Comments

Recently, through our showcase this section, I came across a few prints of 3D scanned trees. The high end of the scans, combined with the additional detail and complimentary appear of the cast metals, quite
caught my attention. As a 3D scanning novice, and a 3D modeler, and 3D printing enthusiast; I had to understand
additional. So I contacted the developer to try and learn as much as I may of her techniques and idea system

tree square-2

The pieces were turn it intod by artist Kathleen. Her background in movies and photography, as well in 3D modeling, lined her up perfectly to begin
3D scanning. Whilst learning Zbrush, she happened to sit in on a webinar of Photoscanning. Figuring it may donate her a fewthing to manufacture in Zbrush moreover monsters, and may lead to learning how to troubleshoot models. The webinar added
Kathleen to Agisoft. Agisoft is a software which
takes photos and uses locations in photos to generate a point cloud. From the point cloud, a mesh can and so be produced. You can download Agisoft, and try it for free (with no export or 30-day trial). There’s in addition
123D Catch, and Autodesk Memento, which
are free to use.

sparce point cloud

Along with Zbrush and Agisoft, Kathleen uses an assortment of software to turn it into her works, including: Lightroom, Photoshop, Rhino, Netfabb, and Illustrator, with Keyshot and Maxwell for rendering. To take her photos, she uses a Canon 5D Mark II with a 24-70mm zoom and a 50 prime lens.

stump in zbrush

Personally, I’d never idea to scan a tree. I live in the country, where I all too frequently pass by them without a 2nd idea. Kathleen is of the city, where trees aren’t as common of an occurrence. Being in the city, the trees around her in addition
have a uniqueness to them. Kathleen likes effortless patterns, but was drawn to the trees for the reason
of the way the city has forced them to grow against their nature. I ponder
you will agree, which
the subjects, and the materials are an incredible

oxidized stump-2

Be certain
to follow Kathleen on Shapeways to see all her work and to be notified when she adds new, incredible
products to her shop!

Photos courtesy of Kathleen King.

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