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3D Scan Yourself Right into Your Favorite Game with SLAM Scan from Dacuda

by • March 17, 2016 • No Comments

batman-final-boy-room-print-alternate1Most video games begin by asking you to select who or what you want to represent by yourself in the game. If you are playing a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), your avatar is the face you present to thousands of others. It does not matter who you are in real life; in the online gaming world, you can be a heavily muscled warrior, a barely-clothed beauty, or, you understand, a troll. Even when your choices are limited to sure preset characters, it’s yet fun to take on another identity for a while – but what if you may play as by yourself? Not a cartoonish option of by yourself, but as a photorealistic character with your actual face?

Swiss beginup Dacuda is going to manufacture that possible. Dacuda’s 3D SLAM Scan Engine Technology has may already brought 3D scanning innovation to the masses with its one-of-a-kind algorithm that turns any smartphone into a 3D scanner, and now the company has taken that innovation a step additional with a new SDK that can allow users to scan themselves right into video games.

“Today, generating 3D content is limited to expensive and cumbersome innovation,” Dacuda CEO Peter Weigand told PSFK. “Our innovation allows for you to scan your face in real-time to generate a high high end 3D avatar of by yourself, all of your mobile device…The next of gaming is of creating worlds that totally absorb the player, and realistic avatars are essential to building that vision come true. With Dacuda’s pioneering new solution for game studios, we open up an amazing new world of possibilities for game studios and players alike.”


SLAM Scan has may already been utilized for sat any timeal other applications, such as 3D Around, that allows for you to capture high-high end 3D images of your food just by moving your phone around your plate. (Instagramming your waffles is so last year, guys.) Taking a 3D selfie is just as effortless with SLAM Scan, as well, as you can see in the demo below:

I have to wonder if the manufacturers of standard 3D scanners are a little uneffortless of companies like Dacuda, who donate users the ability to generate high-high end, printable, professional-appearing 3D scans with nothing additional than a smartphone. There’s quite little that can’t be done with a smartphone these days, as is continually being proven by applications like Google Cardboard. I doubt that 3D Slam Scan Engine Technology can at any time replace expensive state-of-the-art scanning equipment for the purposes of museum artifact preservation, for example, but in terms of content generation and equiteday 3D printing like selfies and whatnot, innovation like this is incredibly attractive to the average man.

dacudaIt’ll be informative to see how well the “scan your own face into your favourite game” thing catches on, yet. Part of the appeal of video games is getting to totally disappear into another world and be another man (or elf, or turtle). I’m just a casual gamer, but I imagine I may find it a bit freaky to watch a miniaturized option of myself running around while I order it to kill. Virtual reality is another thing altogether, yet, and that is where a thing like this quite has the future to take off. In addition, I don’t at all assume that my opinion appears like that of the majority at all – I yet find 3D printed selfies creepy, and appear how talked about those have become. And there’s surely demand for 3D scanned manal avatars for gaming, online shopping, and, ahem… other applications. We’ll see – regardless of how well this innovation catches on, it’ll be an informative one to watch.